hot or cold waxing

Having perfect skin for the summer means (also) shaving properly. Here’s how to respect the skin and have an enviable skin

Among the hair removal methods, waxing is undoubtedly the most used. Feared and loved, it is much more effective than depilatory cream and razor, guaranteeing particularly slow hair growth. Moreover, unlike other types of hair removal such as the electric razor, it does not cause infections, ingrown hairs and folliculitis.

There are numerous types of waxing to choose from, with different textures and methods, from hot to cold, up to Brazilian: let’s discover them all.

Hot or cold? Benefits and differences

Among the most popular hair removal methods, there are two main types of waxing:

  • hot,
  • cold.

The cold waxing is carried out with the help of depilatory strips that are applied in the area to be depilated after being heated using the hands (but also the radiator or the hair dryer). It allows the removal of hair in a rather delicate way and is perfect for those suffering from skin irritations. It is recommended for the most sensitive areas of the body such as the upper lip or the groin.

Hot waxing is chosen by many women and performed at beauty centers by professional beauticians. The method is quite effective and guarantees excellent results. Just one session to have a smooth skin for at least three weeks, avoiding the risk of folliculitis and ingrown hairs, two very common problems when choosing electric epilators or razors. How does it work? The wax is spread on the affected area in the direction of hair growth, then it is applied over a strip that is torn away by decision, removing the hair. There are numerous variations of this wax, the most famous being the Arab one, which is less painful and is made from honey.

Waxing: the Arabic version

The Arab waxing, also called with Arab thread, is a method of hair removal that has spread in recent years and comes from the East. It is a mixture prepared with lemon, water, sugar and honey, spread on the body and used to remove hair with an energetic gesture. Arab wax is useful for removing hair in the most sensitive areas and which are easily irritated, such as the groin and armpits, and it is much less painful than the other methods.

Waxing: mistakes not to be made

Waxing is a very advantageous and widely used hair removal method, but it is often done by making some mistakes. In fact, there are mistakes that so many commit and that put the health of the skin at risk.

  • Do not exfoliate the skin – A few days before waxing it is important to scrub with specific products and through body brushing. In this way the skin will be clean and ready for hair removal, but above all ingrown hair will not form.
  • The right length – When waxing it is important that the hairs have the right length. If they are particularly short they could break, while if they are long the operation is very painful. The ideal? For experts six millimeters.
  • Aftercare – After waxing, the skin needs special pampering. To calm the redness, apply a zinc cream or an aloe vera gel, not before having eliminated all the wax residues.


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