how it changes in summer for body

In summer the skin is more exposed to the sun’s rays, to the wind and to the salt air, here are some useful tips for taking care of the face and skin

After the cold winter it is time to face the summer with a new beauty routine. Summer is in fact the perfect time not only to get back in shape, but also to take care of your beauty with ad hoc products and treatments.

The summer skin care routine is very different from the winter one. The days get longer and we spend a lot more time outdoors. As a result, the skin is more exposed to sunlight, wind and salt air, especially when we spend a few days at the beach. Changing your skin care routine is therefore essential for having a moisturized, beautiful and healthy skin.

Beauty routine: how to take care of summer skin

Not only the body, even the skin needs to be prepared for the dreaded costume test. If you want to show off a tan in a workmanlike manner in fact you will have to take care of your epidermis in the right way and acting in advance.

What is the right skin care for the face with the arrival of summer? First of all it is important to eliminate exfoliating creams and replace them with moisturizing, protective and fresh ones. When you buy beauty routine products, make sure they contain the UV protection filter.

A mistake that many people make, when summer comes, is to reduce the daily cleansing of the skin, so that we wear much less makeup. In reality it is important to continue to follow a very precise routine. In the morning, wash your face using a very delicate and specific soap, then apply micellar water to refresh the skin, then spread the cream.

In the evening, always remember to cleanse your face and neck with cleansing milk, apply the tonic and a night cream. The latter must have a very light and refreshing texture.

Beauty routine: how to take care of body skin in summer

Not only the face, the summer skincare routine is also dedicated to the body, especially in view of the dreaded bikini test. If you want to get prepared on the beach you will have to pamper your skin in time, making it firm and compact.

First choose carefully the products you use in the shower, avoiding those that are too aggressive and that dry out the skin. Focus on shower gel made with shea butter or aloe, perfect for nourishing the skin. After showering, remember to always apply a little almond oil, dab on the still wet body to enhance its action.

If you have been to the sea and have taken the sun, also use a specific after-sun lotion to soothe red skin and nourish it. Alternatively, bet on a specific product to firm and make the epidermis more compact. Finally, don’t forget to take care of your diet. Bring seasonal fruits and vegetables, rich in minerals and vitamins, to the table. Remember to drink at least two liters of water every day, as well as herbal teas and tea, to ensure hydration.


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