How (not) to seduce a woman
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The “seduction techniques” put to the test by one of our editors. Result: it’s a game, it’s true, but the rules are much more complex and women are not all the same. Here’s what NOT to do.

What would you think, if you discovered that your current boyfriend, before going with you, attended a course with the “best teachers of seduction”, to be able to conquer a girl?

Do not think that it is such a remote possibility, because it seems that the seduction courses depopulate, even judging by the turnover, up to hundreds of thousands of euros, of those who propose them. After all, just take a look at the covers of men’s magazines, just below the word “perfect abdominals”, to realize how much advice on how to seduce a woman sell.

Fabrizio Corona or Woody Allen?

Some promise to teach people to seduce naturally. One immediately wonders if there are also those who suggest throwing synthetic drugs into the glass of the unfortunate woman.

Then what are the obligatory steps to do? Here are some.

Make yourself beautiful, dress well. If there was the irresistible Barney Stinson (How I met your mother) he would limit himself to a sober suit up! But in the sites dedicated to seducing a woman the fashion tips are wasted. On the fact of leaving the house clean and perfumed, just ask Mom to confirm that it should be done, but are we sure that adopting a Fabrizio Corona look if one has a Woody Allen physique is a good idea?

Women like those who have self-esteem, not those who pretend to have it

Hardly anyone puts the emphasis on caring for oneself, but always to adapt to a model that, presumably, likes … It follows that to increase self-esteem, another must, you must completely change appearance and become something other than that that one is. And I thought that self-esteem worked the other way around, to appreciate yourself for what you are. The approach and the first conversation are crucial moments and subject to extensive discussion. There is a whole scheme to define the approaches (direct, indirect, semi-direct ..) and a set of those that work best. The recommended topics to be treated are: man-woman relationships, funny themes, but above all, we need to talk about her, to tickle her ego.

Even the answers are expected and will be suggested as a counter-attack.

Call me pessimistic but I imagine two people, one in front of the other, both committed to gathering confirmations about themselves, to magnify their ego which, as the wise men teach, stands at the antipodes of listening and love.

The real man washes the dishes

Certainly it is not said that one is looking for the love of life, a night together can be a beautiful thing, so much so with a very demodé expression is said to “make love”, but the vocabulary that is used in many sites on how to seduce a woman is worrying. They range from wildlife-hunting to warfare: set up a strategy to hit your prey, your goal, shoot your missiles, are you ready to arm yourself? While the contentment of having “hit the mark” takes on the tone of a football commentary.

It must be said that not all the sites that speak of seduction are “stereotypes”, some of them, between a photo of a girl in lingerie and that of a guy in a disco embracing three models, all four of them with their labbrino frowning, offering wise sentences type: a real man is also someone who washes dishes. To read them comes a surge of gratitude.

Conclusion: beware, the ridiculous is around the corner

Knowing new people, it is true, can be difficult. Often we women are suspicious and closed, but how can we blame them? Most of the time we are approached by men who comment on some part of our body and are never poets who experience the use of synecdoche.

A course or a blog can be useful for those who are super shy, to dissolve and gather some experience in the field. There is a bit of theater, seduction is a game. But the blatant gestures, the shows, the performances are at high risk of ridicule and are the opposite of elegance and authenticity, two somewhat vintage and very fascinating qualities, which we girls still like.


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