The highlighter is now one of the most used make-up for women right now, for a fantastic lighting effect. But how to apply illuminating powder?

The illuminating powder makes the face not only bright but also more glamorous. But what is the right way to use it to make the most of the complexion?

The highlighter has been living a golden season for some years now. Several tutorials by famous MUAs (make up artists), teach us how to sculpt the face with the summer beauty routine, highlighting certain areas of the face, such as the cheekbones. Illuminating face powder is a very valuable ally, even in the creation of the simplest and fastest make-up. It exists in different shapes and textures, suitable for different types of leather. Let’s get some clarity on the subject in order to make the most of the glow effect.

Illuminating face powder: when to use it?

Getting a luminous, silky and non-glossy effect is crucial. The correct use of this product varies according to the characteristics of the leather on which it is applied. The use of illuminating face powder is not recommended for oily skin because you risk having, in the end, your face apparently greasy and not shiny and soft. In this case it is better to avoid using it in order not to highlight the greasiness of the skin due to the sebum that is already in excess.

The illuminating powder is indicated for dry and mixed skin. It can also correct imperfections, by somehow manipulating the light on the face. Multidimensionality helps rejuvenate the skin, reducing wrinkles. It is used during the day and in the evening, always guaranteeing this brightness that gives a rested and fresh appearance. There are two types of illuminating powder on the market, designed for different needs.

  • Powder. Usually contained in small jars, equipped with small holes and to be spread with brushes so it is better if comfortably at home. The effect is light, natural, suitable for a day make-up. The illuminating powder around the eyes is also of great help, it fixes the make-up and guarantees greater durability. In addition, it helps to soften the buns and dark circles.
  • Compact. More opaque, with a more decisive effect, therefore more suitable for an evening than for the whole day. In fact, it risks becoming a mask if you overdo it with the amount of product applied.

Where to apply illuminating powder?

As for the face, the illuminating face powder can be spread over the entire face, evenly or only in some places, depending on the result we are aiming for. Be careful if you have a round or plump face because it may tend to make it even more rounded optically. Taking advantage of the contouring technique, we can obtain areas of shadow and others of light, thus correcting some defects and instead enhancing the strengths of one’s face. What are these specific areas?

  • Cheekbones. It fades upwards and fills the cheeks.
  • Nose. On the back of the nose to make it look thinner.
  • Under the eyebrows. To enhance the shape and accentuate the beauty of the look.
  • On the forehead. In the center if it is too wide, at the sides if it is too small.
  • Mento. Just a light touch if you want to get a more prominent shape.
  • Even the eyes and lips can make use of the illuminant but using products with more suitable consistencies such as pencils, eye shadows and creams.

The illuminating face powder can also be used on the body, on the neckline when wearing a beautiful neckline, on the shoulders, on the arms and why not, also on the legs during summer evenings.


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