How to choose makeup for blue eyes

If you were born with blue gas, that’s fine. And you know, what is the shadow? In nature, there are lots of color variations. Like many people, there are so many nuances. For convenience, the designers have identified four groups: light or clear; of medium intensity; blue; light blue and gray. To pick up the eyeshadow palette for makeup, you need to know which group you belong to.

Like many people, so many nuances

Eyes husky

Light eyes – it’s a rare phenomenon. They can be found among representatives of the Nordic blood. To make it clearer, this eye color, for example, of husky dogs. Pick up in the shade to calm the neutral tones. In the background screams make-up bright eyes just lost. Everything you see the date, in the shade. And look for what he needs eyes and admire them. Draw retro-arrows if you like them. Against the background of bright contrasting eyes it looks like a winner.

The average saturation, or the color of the sky

It belongs to the second group, if your eyes are the color of the sky in good summer time. This color is more common than husky. Usually this color is the girls of Slava appearance. But, as always, by rules, there are exceptions. Sometimes there are red or gold pigment spots in the iris. Choose silver or beige shades for shadows. They are suitable for you.

 How to choose makeup for blue eyes

Sineglazka or the sky of Egypt

If on holiday in Egypt, you will have noticed how beautiful the sky is after sunset. It has an intense blue color. For eyes – sineglazka. Sometimes there is a reddish purple. You are very lucky, because you can experiment with almost the entire color spectrum. Deep rich of palettes perfectly suited to you.

Makeup for blue eyes

Gray-blue eyes have definitely changed your natural shade charm. The tone depends on various factors: the color of the dress, the weather, rain or clear skies. Wear bright clothes – eyes light up. If they become darker outside of them. When the make-up of such variability should be considered. The easiest way is to choose a palette of shades taking into account the wardrobe and the colors of the braids.

Appropriate for make-up for blue eyes photo.

 How to choose makeup for blue eyes

The make-up for blue eyes : the stylist tips

Under the eyes was not lost on the background of makeup, stick with this palette:

    turquoise color and the shades of the waves of the sea; lavender shade; pearl palette; silver range; hints of bronze and gold, pink make-up (except for too bright); gray-brown or chocolate, olive green.


    red, the palette, the colors «Barbie» (bright pink); shades of dark green; black color.

Do not use these colors as a stand-alone color. However, they look great with other colors. For example, if you want to follow colorful make-up.

 How to choose makeup for blue eyes

Blue makeup Eyes – easy!

It’s not just important to choose the right one tonality, but with the ability to apply them. Sharing a simple professional technique creates a spectacular image. This technique is suitable for different types of day, evening and holiday make-up. It is very practical, just experiment with the palette for every occasion. For example, the day more relaxed make-up, and in the evening – bright colors.

Makeup for blue eyes: step-by-step guide:

    Take a neutral shade base, apply on the upper eyelid. The corners of the nose, under the eyebrow paint bright pearl tone. Intermediate shadow (triple in the palette) highlight the fold of the eyeball. Softly fade upwards. Range: bright pink; lavender; silver; gold. In the outer corner apply a dark shadow. Mix thoroughly to hide the transitions

Color: ripe plum, violet; dove; fishing; apricot.

    Move eyelids along the lashes. Use liquid eyeliner or pencil. Color palette: gray; Brown; gold. Causing more than a silver gray eyeliner, it will make the eyes more visual. Complete eye makeup, causing mascara. Girls with dark gray or dark brown mascara fit skin. Brown – black version. Apply a neutral or glossy lipstick

Make-up ready, you are beautiful

Make-up for blue eyes: step-by-step photos.

 How to choose makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes and blonde hair

Sweet Slava, you need to be sure of good stress Macapa. The make-up for blondes with blue eyes is easy if you know its features. Follow our tips to create a unique image of youthful charm.

Which shade is right for you?

Office – gray-brown, with shades of gray. A practical solution. You can use it every day. They go and, more importantly, appropriate in a work context.

On vacation, gold, silver, pearl, gray, lavender, lilac or mauve

Erica colors are suitable for making evening make-up for blue eyes.

 How to choose makeup for blue eyes

Eyebrow makeup

When selecting the pencil, guided by the color of the curls. Golden brown threads – warm coating radius, ash-blonde – cold tone. If the hair is white, brown, gray, taupe pencils.


Liner shade – gray / light brown. Black looks hard.


Black or dark blue palette


Day – pale pastel pink, colorless and shiny, enhancing the naturalness of appearance. If you have access to light, coral, pink or beige. Refrain from bright colors – crimson, red. They will distract attention from your heavenly eyes.


A multipurpose, suitable for all Blondes, and peach blush. The rest are selected individually: hair color, skin tone and type of makeup. Blush applied to the cheeks and cheekbones, carefully shadow of the chin.

Office make-up to have the blue eyes

Success business lady neutral dress, natural tones. Avoid bright tones and red lipstick. Seems unprofessional. To climb the career ladder, one must always look good, but not in a provocative way.

 How to choose makeup for blue eyes

This restyling will not have much time to and relevant in the work environment. Choose beige, gray shades – for light hair, dark hair, coffee with milk. Thus, as a make-up office:

    With a brush or applicator, apply a neutral color on the upper movable eyelids. Draw a line based on the top of the eyelashes. Use a pencil, which is darker than the base color. Blend the line. The same pencil, highlight the fold of the eyeball. Mix. Draw a clear line of eyeliner along the top lashes. Dark brown or black color. Complete makeup, causing mascara. Brown or gray.

Make-up is ready, a commission can be carried out safely

The “Smokey eyes” make-up with blue eyes

Many people think that “Smokey eyes” is surely black or gray eyelids. This is a classic version that looks good. However, try to diversify the way by having a “smoky eyes” in purple / taupe / pale pink colors and also other colors of the individual spectrum. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create! You can always wash the color away and try again. Through practice, you understand that you are talking and what not. Mirror – the fairy godmother

 How to choose makeup for blue eyes

The make-up technique in the style of “Smokey eyes”:

    • A little bit of dust on the eyelids. To attract the eye. With a pencil, you need to draw a line along the top eyelashes. The thin line starts at the inner corner, gradually thickens, and eventually rises a little for the temples. Lower position


    as usual. Use a soft pencil. Now the lines you have drawn, you need to blend. Do it gently, so you don’t have to do it again. A little training and work easily. Apply the color on the upper eyelid by moving from the outer corner to the inside. Draw the cable. Then apply the same shade on the eyelid – from the outside to the inner corner, reducing the intensity of the shadow. Shade select the pencil color to create a beautiful transition effect. Use a light shade for the area from the top of the fold to the eyebrow. A good border mix. Complete the make-up by applying mascara. In the “smoky eyes” technique mascara was applied generously. If makeup for the evening, apply a couple of layers after leaving each wash. For the day, make-up, use mascara sparingly.

Remember, the main emphasis on the “smoky eyes” make-up are the eyes. So as to choose a neutral lipstick and light blush, so as not to distract attention from the eyes.

 How to choose makeup for blue eyes

Oops! … I Did Again

Experts designers warn women against these mistakes in makeup. If you are unable to attend the master, the main recommendations you will find here. So, you don’t want:

Try not to use the shadow of a tone with your eyes.

The same colors will merge, which will have an unattractive appearance. For you turquoise, blue and ultramarine blue. Bravely experiment with this palette.

Natural shades – not for secular parties.

Don’t use a neutral palette in the evening. It will make you faceless. However, it is possible to use natural dyes in combination with other colors.

For «Smokey eyes» in the classic style choose a dark gray shade.

Black «Smokey eyes» on the delicate face will have look harder. So give preference to a more calm tones.

Light blue shadow + black eyeliner.

Look provincial. On this combination of ladies it is to be forgotten immediately.

Do not use the terracotta color as a stand-alone.

The use of terracotta eyeshadow together with the eyeliner.


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