How to choose perfect bra

The bra is the best ally of women to support sensuality and femininity. Mothers or professionals, grandmothers or students, a breast highlighted in the right way by security and makes you look more beautiful!

How to choose the perfect bra?

Breast size changes at least 7 times in life and few know that wearing the wrong bra can cause stress and lead to health problems.

In fact, it has been shown that only 20% of women wear the right bra size.

And the others?

VIPs, show business women, politicians want to be sure of wearing the right bra and for this reason they are very careful in choosing and buying a bra. Here comes the Bra Fitting (Bra = Fitting bra = suitable, to measure), that is the measurement and consulting technique that allows each woman to find her ideal size.

Here is a complete guide to choosing the perfect bra for you without making mistakes:

How to wear a bra well

Place the shoulder straps well in the center of the shoulders.

Close the underbust band with the outer hooks (over time it will tend to loosen and then you will be able to use the more internal hooks). The band must be horizontal and remain stationary without moving up or down.

Make sure that the breast is well distributed inside the cup, otherwise put a hand inside the cup itself and position it correctly.

The underbust band must fit tightly around your bust. The fit must be comfortable and you have the proof if you can stick a single finger under the band.

However, the central panel must not remain too detached from the body.

The back and front of the bra must be parallel to the floor and the band behind the back must be in a slightly lower position than the front band. This ensures greater comfort.

Shoulder pads should not dig into the shoulders and leave redness. Then position them correctly. (remember that the right breast support is provided by the band of the bra together with the underwire and the cups and that the complete support does not therefore depend only on the shoulder pads). Stretching the shoulder pads at first can help – they can always shrink later.

The underwire must surround the breast well and must adhere to the ribs and the sternum.

Lean forward as if you were touching your toes. This allows the breast to fit properly in the cups and underwire and to position itself in the right place.

Now let’s see what problems you can encounter when wearing the wrong bra and the solutions:

A) Signs and redness on the shoulders

Problem: the bra straps have dug too much on the shoulder leaving unsightly marks and redness

Why: Your bra has too wide a band and is not big enough in the cup, the shoulder straps are then narrowed a little too much to provide the necessary support.

You need a bra with a wider band in the back or with larger cups or you just have to opt for a bra with wider straps. Also try to adjust the shoulder pads again, sometimes just the right adjustment to solve the problem.

B) The back band is wide

Problem: the bra band does not offer the necessary support to the breasts.

Why ?: The band is too wide. Your waistline under the breast is narrower, you are wearing the wrong size.

You need a smaller size (80 instead of 85) or simply to adjust the hook and the closure to tighten the band more. Remember that all bras can be adjusted to three locking points.

C) Bulges

Problem: swelling in the upper part of the bra.

Why ?: the bra cup is too small.

Increases the size of the cup, orders a larger cup size (example from C to D) or a larger size than the band (from 80 to 85).

D) Armpit problems

Problem: the underwire digs in the armpit.

Why ?: The cup size is too small.

Opt for an extra size of both the cups and the underbust band (85 instead of 80) or choose a model that offers a wider coverage. Remember also that the underwire can be slightly shaped with your hands in order to fix an incorrect inclination towards the armpits, which can be simply due to the compression that the cups receive at the time of packaging.

E) Support

Problem: lowering of the bra on the bust line.

Why: Gravity problem

Shorten the straps, avoid the more elastic fabrics or choose a more solid support style with stiffer shoulder straps. The support of a preformed bra, for example, will last longer.

F) Discomfort on the skin

Problem: the bra pinches on the skin

Why: The cup size is too small

Opt for a larger cup size (from C to D) or try a bra model with softer cups. Always pay attention to the materials used and to the manufacture. A bra produced in Europe is synonymous with control over the production chain and certified materials.


  • Don’t be tempted by a bra of the wrong size or low quality just because it is cheap. Usually bras are worth what you pay for. It is better to have only one that fits your figure really well rather than three bad ones!
  • If you want a bra to last and not lose its shape, never wear it for two days at a time, even if it has been washed. You should have at least three bras to use in rotation, so the elastic will resume doing its job during the break period.
  • Don’t expect to always have to buy the same size of bra. Each model dresses differently and you always have to try it. It is not uncommon for women who wear a certain size for a given bra to instead switch to another for a different model.
  • Ignore anyone who categorically determines your size by relying only on measurements, especially if they add many inches to the chest circumference. Just like the size of the clothes, the size of the bra also changes over the years and the old measurement techniques are not valid for modern bras.
  • The right bra should support the bust 90% with the band and 10% with the shoulder straps.
  • If the udders are not the same size, take a larger one. You can adjust the shoulder strap of the smaller breast. Is the difference significant? You can add silicone to the inside of the lower breast cup.
  • Cup sizes over D tend to vary significantly from one manufacturer to another. So do a thorough test in the store or read the reviews if you make an online purchase.
  • The udders that exceed the D benefit more from the bras without seams, which thin the figure.


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