The sports bra must not only protect the breast during training but also support it making us feel at ease and allowing us to give our best. Let’s find out how to choose the right model

It’s a question of support, containment, comfort but also reliability: the sports bra is not a garment like any other, it is a real and his ally who must be at our side to guarantee us a training serene and, consequently, largely effective.

Choosing the most suitable model and the right size is therefore an essential step in women’s preparation the sport and the factors to be taken into consideration to make the choice of the sports bra are far more numerous than one might think.

Today try then to illustrate them in detail, guiding you to the choice of sport bra tailored for you.

How to choose the sports bra

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The choice of sports bra is a question of size but also of cups, shoulder pads, fabric , elasticity and so on and so forth.

Its function is to ensure that the fabrics do not lose elasticity despite the constant stresses, as well as avoiding more or less serious damage consequent to the various shocks that our breasts , tossed here and there, it could suffer. A delicate task that can best be accomplished only by the right sports bra .

To get the right feeling of comfort we must first evaluate the type of sporting activity carried out: if you practice disciplines such as yoga or pilates will go very well a less structured garment, with thin straps and stretch fabric, while if you opt for activities that are a bit more lively, like spinning it will be good opt for a containment fit and well-breathable fabrics. But what to do if our training involves jumps and lots of movement? In this case we advise you to opt for more structured models, with wide shoulder straps and shaped cups that can be a second skin you can count on.

Also remember that some important suspenders will always be a must essential if Mother Nature has given you generous shapes: they alone can protect your back from having to bear an excessive weight.

Also the ferretto is an option to evaluate to guarantee a little extra support , provided however that bra is carefully tested to ensure that it does not cause any discomfort.

Finally, a notable plus could be the closure on the front. It may seem trivial but often the hooks on the back tend to be uncomfortable, so it’s better to eliminate the closures in their entirety and move them to the front.

So, which model will you choose? Remember that only by giving the right answer can you have a training of 10 and praise.


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