How to choose a wedding dress

With so many options in the market, buying a wedding dress can be a real nightmare. It is important to take into account some very important factors when choosing it. We will give you some tips below.


Many brides will have a style in mind before a place or a wedding date has been chosen. However, these factors are very important when it comes to selecting the dress. You may love strapless dresses, but you will surely die of cold if the wedding is in the middle of winter. In the same way, a dress with sleeves in the middle of summer can make you look very sweaty. However, if the strapless dress is your thing and the wedding will take place in winter, be sure to invest in a shawl or bolero that matches the style of the dress.

Winter dresses

Summer Dresses

Place of celebration

The place must also be taken into account when choosing a dress. A tight strapless style can look sensational in a contemporary place but if it is a more traditional place, like an old house or country house, it will look a bit out of place. A princess dress can look great at a beach wedding.

Silhouette of the bride

Many brides make the mistake of choosing the wedding dress of their dreams without considering how that model looks on their body. This is a serious error. Not all bodies are the same, and each one feels better about a different model.

We will show you the 5 most popular cuts of wedding dress and we will explain what body looks best with each cut, this will help you to realize what style of dress look according to your body.

1) Straight with strapless neckline: this type of dress usually has no waist, is perfect for small women and low waist. This silhouette continues as a column will make you look taller.

2) Ball gown: These are the typical dresses of children’s stories, like Cinderella, with the upper part adjusted and with very wide skirts. This style suits all women, but the ones that suit them best are those that have a “pear shape”, that is, with a wide hip, because this type of skirt conceals their hips.

3) Line A: this cut suits all types of body, but the ones that most favor it are those with very wide waist or voluptuous women who want to hide their curves.

4) Sirena: it is a very sexy cut, adjusted at the waist and hips, which widens from the knees. It is a perfect silhouette for tall, thin and curvy women.

5) Tight: this cut is molded perfectly to the body from the bust to the hem. It is perfect for the woman in good physical shape, who wants to show off her silhouette.

Personality of the bride

It is also important to take into account your personality, to feel comfortable with the dress and be able to enjoy the ceremony.

1) Romantic brides: the most suitable dresses for these will be those with feminine embroidery or lace. The dress cut can be the princess, with a corset or some other light fabric that delineate the waist. The accessories can be a classic veil and delicate jewelry.

2) Glamorous girlfriends: for them the latest fashion dresses are recommended. They can be with rhinestones, rhinestones and metallic fabrics. The cut is more sensual than romantic, for example, the mermaid style. With very low back and lightweight fabrics.

Modern women are minimalist and chic, so they can take risks with cut designs and geometric patterns.

As for the accessories you can choose feathers and skins as decoration elements of the dress, while for the hair it is highly recommended to opt for a hairstyle picked up to highlight the figure.

3) Classic brides: the traditional dresses, sophisticated and timeless are the ones that best suit them. It is a clean style, with simple and delicate lines.

They are recommended in the accessories, choose embellishments on the neckline and hand knits. The organza and the silk go very well for this sober and elegant bridal look.

4) Bohemian brides: they can opt for a medium style between the wild and the angelic, giving rise to many models and cultures. The dresses can be of imperial cut, with delicate fabrics and others with layers in the skirt. Simplicity is the characteristic of these suits.

With regard to accessories it is suggested not to use very structured veils or hairstyles, as you should look natural. Yes, flowers are recommended in the hair.

5) Informal brides: they are characterized by a summer breeze effect, mixed with sensuality and purity. Therefore, dresses should not be too bulky or corset, but fabrics that fit the natural curves, like silk. It is recommended to show a lot of skin with strapless or other very low cut designs on the back.

It is ideal to use few accessories to accompany this style, small earrings and delicate bracelets. The hair can be worn loose or half-collected, without frills.

Think of the boyfriend

Some brides choose dresses that completely obscure the groom. It is important that the couple is balanced, for example, if the groom is very tall, a princess-style dress can make it look even taller. On the other hand, the low couple will benefit from this type of dress.

Choose the color of the dress

The dress does not have to be pure white. There are different shades of white, and surely some tone will suit you better than another.


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