Make-up brushes, how to clean them naturally

Make-up brushes are an accessory that every woman uses every day, so they must be cleaned thoroughly. Here’s how to clean them in a natural way.

The brush cleaning and all the tools for makeup, as well as the sponges it is a very important gesture for health but too often underestimated. Clean each brush accurately especially those with which liquid products such as foundation are applied and the primer is a gesture to be performed at each use.

Some advice for cleaning the brushes in a natural and effective way without having to resort to commercially available detergents created just for makeup accessories.

How to cleanse make-up brushes naturally

To clean make-up brushes in a simple, natural and effective way you can proceed two ways, the first for powder brushes and the second for those used with liquid products. In both cases the brush will come back perfectly clean but with two different procedures.

How to clean the brushes from powders

To clean the brushes from powders, it will be enough to use a simple neutral soap or better still of Marseilles. It will suffice to soap several times and rinse the brushes until all the color present on the bristles has been perfectly eliminated. Once cleansed, the brushes will be left to dry, never vertically, since the water would flow to the center of the brush but lying on paper absorbs horizontally, one next to the other with the heads alternating between them.

How to clean the brushes used for liquid products

The brushes used to spread the foundation or the primer will be particularly dirty, especially greases, given the formulations of products based on oils and silicones. To clean them in a perfect way first you will have to remove the traces of fat by rubbing them with vegetable oil. The oil fat molecules will stick to those of the makeup product taking them away. Once cleaned with oil, they will be cleaned with neutral soap, proceeding with cleaning and drying as for powder brushes.



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