How to design eyebrows

It often happens that the “native” eyebrow shape, this girl by nature, she is not. With this problem faced by most of the fairer sex. Of course, you can allow this to go into the struggle for naturalness, but then you decide to eliminate a disadvantage, so it will be more difficult. Sopracciglia is a complex of procedures performed both at home and in beauty salons. Correction, modeling and painting of the eyebrows are expected. Each phase has its obstacles, so you will have to sweat before getting the desired result

What are the perfect eyebrows?

Unfortunately, the generic version, how to draw eyebrows, no. Module selected based on the individual characteristics of the person, ie, the size of the devil face-shaped.

 How to design eyebrows

As in clothing, the task of the artist who works with eyebrows, to emphasize that faded, and hide the flaws:

Often the girls get angry thinking they have a big nose. This visual effect created by secretions of the nose against the background of the rest of the face. If you focus on the eyebrows, it would seem that the nose is smaller. Which is why customers with great facial features recommend not picking eyebrows. But on the miniature of the narrow face and thick dark eyebrows look very specific. In order not to appear as a mountain girl of Gamzatova poems, it is better to draw the eyebrows, giving them a close and bending. Girls with oval faces, straight fit eyebrows or with a slight curve. With a face round the eyebrow well with a clear curve. It needs to be strong, but obvious. If the shape of the face is triangular, the eyebrows must be of medium thickness, with a small smooth fold.

Restoration of the eyebrows

Many people have eyebrows on the damaged areas. The skin of the face is thin, and therefore it may not even go down the path from small scratches.

 How to design eyebrows

Such scars (or just shelves of skin in which the hair does not grow) ruin the visual perception. There are several options to get rid of this disease:

Permanent eyebrow makeup. Of course, this option has its drawbacks: the shape, then it will be difficult to change over time, tattoos lose their bright color, etc. However, for a long time the tattoo retains its tonality, does not wash off with water, and therefore saves time in terms of make-up. Permanent or papermart. The method is applied to the damaged areas of the paint, which for a long time has not canceled. Paint keeps for about a month, can be applied to scars, unlike the tattoo, which do not apply to those sites. Henna eyebrows work on the same principle as the permanent. The main advantage of henna is of natural origin. It also gives the eyebrow and painted leather a natural reddish tinge if a dark color is chosen.

Hennè design: best practices

Unlike hypoallergenic payperminute, Henné requires tests for the presence of allergies. Apply to the skin behind the ear for 24 hours. Yes treatment. If the skin is inflamed, then an Allergy is present. Behind the ear the upper layer of the skin is extremely sensitive, so the test should be there. Henna is badly painted, so if you think that, compared to the question how to do eyebrows at home, be sure to protect all surfaces. Otherwise your art of getting not only your eyebrows but, more likely, and full bathroom. Do not apply the substance on damaged skin and eyelashes. Use only the prepared mixture.

 How to design eyebrows

Eyebrows: the correction formation

Adjust the eyebrows in different ways:

Well we all know the plucking of eyebrows with tweezers . A quick one, I don’t work for the CPU, but after 4-5 days the result disappears, repeat the procedure. Trading, eyebrow thread correction. Not as painful as plucking, less irritating to the skin. The result, however, is destined to disappear in 4-5 days. The waxing. Apply a strip of wax, wait until it hardens and rip off with the hair. The result is more, effectively, if the eyebrows are not waxed for a long period of time. Otherwise, fresh hair will appear the next day because it is torn with wax. More expensive than other types of correction.

If waxing and plucking is clear, then what about tradingon? If you are interested in artistic eyebrows, videos will help you learn how to perform eyebrows by thread:

Haircut or styling chemistry

Hair on the eyebrows doesn’t always grow in the right amount and in the right direction. To solve this problem, we must act in the same way as with hair on the head or tuck or cut.

 How to design eyebrows

Haircut – a quick way to get rid of curly hair. If not, your eyebrows will look as messy as they are, nor will they pinch.

Cut the eyebrows need a little comb to comb the hair upward, and then gently work through them with a pair of scissors .

Chemical style is the same as hair straightening. You don’t need to cut them, they will smoothly lie down for some time.

Of course, if you’ve decided on a haircut, it’s very likely that you will have to periodically cut your eyebrows. However, it is a safer procedure unlike the chemical treatment that ruins the hair. The duration of the procedure can also be given as an argument. Let them cut my hair and I have to, but not more than twice a week, while the effect of chemical treatments lasts 1.5-2 weeks, and the method is much more labor intensive.

The color of the eyebrows

Maybe you should start with color. The eyebrows must match not only the color of the hair, but the color of the face. The chestnut, the color is very beautiful, with the same color of hair, or a red tint, but only on light skin. If you are lucky enough to sunbathe on the sea, don’t be afraid to paint your eyebrows in a more intense shade – it’s better than when they blend into your face.

 How to design eyebrows

Don’t worry sir with gray hair, because silver hair gives them a new perspective, namely gray hair on the eyebrows. If you paint with care, it will be very beautiful.

For the rare, the eyebrow pencil. Carefully apply the strokes along the hair growth direction, then blend with the brush. If you want to visually gather the eyebrows, highlight the base with a darker and lighter shade is the tip for visual separation, on the contrary, focus on the tip, making the base lighter.

General guidelines

If you are a proud owner of a sensitive skin before tweezing, do not forget to soften the hair with water vapor or special cosmetics. Also, choose soft tweezers: it does not need to scratch the skin and easy to grasp by the hair. Often, beginners in decorating tend to copy some popular form of not knowing how to do eyebrows at home. If the type of person is bent, the highest point of the eyebrow should be above the outer tip of the eye, and the length of the eyebrows is limited to a line drawn through the wing of the nose and the outer tip of the eye. Eyebrow with thread – the process is difficult and requires experience. The first time he is able to fail (and some with almost the tenth). If you decide to tweeze in the morning, quickly, late for work, better abandon the idea of ​​trying something new. To seize the eyebrows with tweezers, of course, more painful, but faster. Before painting your eyebrows, try asking them in the form of shadows. Try different angles and tilt, select the most suitable. Hurry here for nothing, most likely, you will have to go with the specified form not less than a month. If you want to paint a long seal, while washing, avoid colored region. More likely, water will be no reaction, but a special tonic for the face to open the pores, can significantly reduce the life of the paint. Beginners who do not know how to draw eyebrows immediately alerted carefully define the scope of the eyebrow pencil, as in the case of plucking, and in the case of painting. Smudging or erasing too hard, but it will be safer for the integrity of his eyebrows.

 How to design eyebrows

What is the result?

Your eyes become more expressive. Clear the color of the eyebrow attracts attention, and therefore your opinion becomes irresistible. The eyebrows are of equal length to hide the asymmetry of the eyes and nose. Big face becomes less noticeable

How to draw eyebrows: at home or in the living room?

From the eyebrows to the house there are a number of remarkable advantages: you don’t need to go anywhere, all the tools are familiar, you sterilize yourself, you are buying high quality paint, why you choose it for yourself, do not save, and spend as much time as you need and gain valuable experience of make-up stash. Another notable plus is free. Of course, for the paint, and the equipment that you will have to shell out a nice sum, but all the things that you will be able to use in the future not once, but a wizard, you will not have to pay, because everything is done so independent

The design salon will cost less in terms of time. With all the expectations, the procedure will have a maximum of 30-45 minutes and the beauty salon will visit 2-3 times a week, while at home you can suffer for more than an hour, guaranteeing accuracy. But don’t forget that inside and they still have to arrive! The average cost of treatments in the salon – 600 rubles, so that the session cannot be recovered, although the result will be easier than at home.


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