Will the styling go away after a few days? If you follow all the advice you can keep it longer. Let’s find out some simple tricks

The setting does not last long? Who hasn’t happened, after hours lost between hair dryers and plates, or just leaving the hairdresser, to find themselves with hair without shape? The motivation is not only in the type of hair, but also in a wrong drying. It is possible, however, to follow simple steps to make the styling last long.

How many times have you asked how long the styling time lasts? How much time do you have after shampooing to dry your hair looking for a perfect styling? Many hours lost between the hair dryer, the plates and the brushes, or after being at the hairdresser you find yourself already with hair without form. The reasons are many from hair to brushes and from how to use the hair dryer. Sometimes it is enough to follow simple steps and the result will be perfect. Let’s find out some tips to follow for a more lasting styling.

Lasting styling: when to shampoo

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For a fold lasting you need to follow some tips to ensure a longer fold, here’s what to do:

  • wash your hair the day before the fold
  • use a dry shampoo

Washing your hair the same day, these will be lighter and devoid of oils, and therefore it is more difficult for the fold to stay well. If you have to do it immediately, because you have an appointment or a sudden commitment then you can use the dry shampoo, apply it, let it act and then brush it. The hair with this solution will be more voluminous and predisposed to maintain the fold. Otherwise you can use a texturizing serum, which you can buy in any cosmetics store, it helps to volumize the hair even after drying.

Never too hot water

When shampooing it is preferable to wash the hair with warm water, because the hot one makes the cuticles open making the hair dull. After shampooing, the last rinse should be done with cold water to close the cuticles and make the hair shine. After applying the conditioner or mask, rinse well to prevent product residues from remaining in the hair, which could compromise the hold of the fold.

Dab with a towel

After finishing the wash, do not rub the hair with the towel, but dab it very gently, so as not to stress the hair fiber. This avoids having frizzy and difficult-to-manage hair. It is not advisable to make the turban with the towel, in this way it retains the moisture and the hair after drying will be dry and opaque, making the styling unmanageable.

Spume and spray to facilitate styling

Women who want to facilitate styling and make it last longer, it is advisable to use the hair foam or anti-frizz spray . These products are applied directly to damp hair, then it is left to work for 5-10 minutes, after which it ends with drying. Drying the hair with the hair dryer, the applied product will arrive in the hair fiber, so it will be more mouldable to the styling. You just need to have a little patience, because with this extra step the hairstyle lasts a few more days.

Using the air concentrator to dry

After washing and products to facilitate styling, another A very important step for lasting styling is to use the air concentrator, that is the nozzle supplied with your hairdryer. In this way the heat flow can be controlled, in order to block the humidity. The temperature of the hair dryer must be medium, so as not to dry the hair too much, the same goes for the straightening plates and brushes. If the temperature is too high the foliage will lose most of its moisture, thus compromising the holding of the hairline.

Do not dry the hair in the bathroom

It is the custom of all women to dry their hair in the bathroom, but it is not good, because the damp environment of the bathroom, especially after taking a relaxing bath or after a shower , compromises the final result. The damp environment will tend to cause the hair to swell, then dry it in another room, before proceeding with styling. Alternatively, you can dry them in the bathroom only if you ventilate the room, so as to be free from steam and humidity.

Wear the shower cap

When taking a shower or bath, use a water-repellent cap, so that your hair can breathe so it does not absorb moisture. You will surely come out of the shower with less swollen hair.

Use lacquer After finishing the styling, apply the hair to the hair so as to fix them and make them last longer. Let’s find out how to do it based on hair:

  • if you have curly or thick hair: use the strong hold
  • if you have fine hair: opt for the lacquer lighter, containing silk and non-sticky proteins.

The lacquer must be sprayed at a distance of about 15 cm from the hair, thus ensuring a longer styling.

Treat yourself to the luxury of silk

As with the towel, the cotton pillowcase must also be made of silk and not cotton, because the latter causes frizz and the appearance of split ends, so a enemy for setting.


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