How to make your suspended shelves with ropes

Today we will focus on a fun and original project: how to create your suspended shelves with ropes. They are easy to make, you can make them yourself and you won’t spend a lot of money.

This furniture is vitally important at home. They allow us to arrange the objects and, at the same time, decorate the rooms. Moreover, they can be used as exhibitors for our travel memories, our photographs, books and other decorative elements.

There is a great variety of these types of furniture . There are all sorts of styles and sizes and can be adapted to any environment by giving an original touch to the rooms.

Suspended shelves with strings

 Suspended DIY shelf

It’s always more frequently seen in furnishing magazines than hanging shelves with ropes. What is this type of mobile? These are wooden slats hanging from the ceiling or wall.

The use of strings reminds us of the marine style (or style navy ). The suspended shelves are a very versatile type of furniture and fit perfectly in any environment. What do we need to build them? They do not require many materials, they will only be enough:

  • Wooden staves: the dimensions may vary depending on the space you want to occupy.
  • Strings.
  • hooks or rings
  • A can of paint or enamel
  • A drill and sandpaper.

Phase 1: design and organization of ideas

 Material of shelves with ropes

The first thing to do is to design the shelf. There are many possibilities, but we need to have a clear idea of ​​the measures, colors and materials we want to use. A solution could be:

  • Three wooden shelves. You can create more or less according to your needs.
  • Hemp rope to give a natural and ecological touch. If you want, you can give a more youthful look or urban by replacing the strings with iron or steel chains.
  • Paint to improve the handcrafted look. You can also use colors to convey more joy or simply leave untreated wood.

Step 2: preparation of wood for suspended shelves

 Wood polishing

It is the most important step in realization of the piece of furniture, given that the wooden shelves will be the center of attention.

The first thing to do is to give the right dimension to the shelves. You have various choices. You can buy ready-made wood of the size you want, or recycle boards and cut them into pieces of the size you have established.

When the woods are ready, you need to sand to remove the splinters. Subsequently, you will make holes at the ends sufficiently large to allow the passage of the strings.

To finish, you will apply the paint. This operation will allow you to have greater hygiene and facilitate maintenance. Dust usually does not adhere to painted surfaces

Do-it-yourself helps eliminate stress and keep the house tidy.

Step 3: arranging the strings

 Preparing the strings for suspended shelves

When the wood is dry, you can begin to arrange the strings. It’s a very simple task, you just have to pass them through the holes you made on the boards. To decide the height of the shelf, you must make a knot just below the point you have established.

For this step, we advise you to ask someone for help. Make sure the boards are parallel and not tilted. To be more precise, you can use a spirit level.

Finally, to fix the shelves at the desired height, you will have to tie a knot under the boards so that they are stable and do not move too much.

Step 4: place the suspended shelf with ropes

 Suspended shelf with books

When the shelf is ready, all we have to do is hang it on the walls or ceiling using carabiners or rings. To do this, you will need to use the drill. In this way, you can fix the hooks in a more professional and safe way.

Making this type of shelves is a simple operation that does not require extraordinary effort and effort. The materials are easily found and construction will not take you long. What are you waiting for to create your hanging shelf?


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