Shyness, how to overcome it in 10 steps
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Being shy sometimes can really compromise our relationships, but there are ways to not turn shyness into an unsolvable problem. Let’s see how to overcome it.

Shyness, how to overcome it? It’s possible? “Unlikable. Cold … It is very little company! “. How often do you hear such phrases often referred to simply as a shy person? Shyness is in fact a part of the character of a person who can be very easily misunderstood and, even if it is nothing excessively serious, sometimes it can really become a problem in relationships with others. But, like many problems in life, shyness can be overcome How? Here are ten tips to be able to accept shyness and overcome it.

Understanding the reasons for shyness

To be able to solve a problem, we must first know it. Try to understand the origin of your shyness by looking inside yourself and retracing your experiences. By doing this you will understand why you behave in a certain way.

Accept it

Trying to pretend it isn’t there or being afraid of it is useless. Accept yourself as you are, shy or not shy, and you will be able to live with yourself much more serenely.

Treat shyness lightly

Don’t dramatize too much! In life there is much worse than being shy. Make yourself aware of your shyness and when you feel too distressed let us laugh about it and everything will seem more rosy.

Choose your visits carefully

Avoid frequenting bullying people and who mask their insecurity by making fun of others. The timid, unfortunately, are an easy target. But solve the problem at the root by choosing to have at your side sensitive and educated people who will make you feel at ease.

Make a list of your qualities

Sometimes shyness can have its roots in insecurity and lack of self-confidence. One way to manage one’s shyness is in fact to focus on one’s own qualities instead of on one’s faults. When you realize you are unique and wonderful creatures, you won’t want to hide in a corner anymore!

Don’t be too strict with yourself

Condemning ourselves and putting ourselves on the wall unhappy about how we conducted an interview or a conversation is useless. It happens to everyone that things don’t always go the right way, and getting angry with yourself will stop you and nothing else. Accept what happened with serenity and look ahead.

Don’t shut yourself up

As tiring as it may be, a shy person must make an effort to go out, because spending the whole day locked up in the house will make her even more timid. The company of just another person who knows you and understands you will help you to loosen up and feel less self-conscious in the presence of others.

Listen to others and not focus on yourself

A good way to divert attention from one’s problems, including shyness, is to listen to others. When a person opens with you, do not avoid it, but listen carefully. You will need it to become more empathetic and will induce you to open up in turn.

A bad time does not mean a bad day

Learn to downsize a moment and not let the bad mood negatively affect your whole day. Try to maintain an attitude of openness towards others even when the thing that comes naturally to you is to close yourself in and cut off all communication.

Shyness, how to overcome it with body language

If your mind doesn’t help you, trust your body. A smile is sometimes enough to communicate sympathy to the person in front of you. If you are struggling with words, use your body. A gentle look sometimes says a lot more than a thousand words. And it helps you overcome shyness.

Are you shy? Tell us your experience!


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