How to pluck eyebrows

Ugly, messy, eyebrows can ruin the most exquisite of makeup. Well-groomed eyebrows, makeup, the choice of the right makeup palette make the eyes more expressive. To give eyebrows the desired shape, you need to choose the right shape. Many women, especially girls, are often asked how to grasp their eyebrows. Advice first time to do it in a salon. A professional stylist will help you choose the right format for your type of person who will advise you on how to remove minor defects in appearance, with eyebrow correction, picked efficiently. After the correction of the eyebrows with the plucking the eyes become brighter and more open, and the face acquires a particular expression and charm. So, in the future, it will be sufficient to follow the shape of the eyebrows, periodically, independently visibily ingrown hairs.

But you can also do it yourself and not visit the salon. Enough to know how to properly and carefully tweeze your eyebrows, in accordance with your type of person. The image can be improved in front of the mirror, sitting at a favorite table dressing.

If you are going to do it at home, it is very important to choose the right tool. Correctly and well grasping the eyebrows, use tweezers with beveled edges. Furthermore, it should be disinfected so as not to contaminate. Even the right eyebrow grasping involves the subsequent processing of the skin lotion that relieves inflammation.

Note that to perform all the necessary procedures, before applying makeup. Every woman knows how to seize her eyebrows, understand that otherwise “work” of skin irritation.

In principle, science is not complicated. You just need to know some details and learn the various tricks of this business. Of course, it is necessary to first determine the shape of the eyebrows. And here’s something for beginners and it’s an impossible task. But don’t despair. In reality, nothing complicated. A little practice, you will know exactly how to pick up your eyebrows, you can do it without problems.

And now, let’s move on to the subtleties, to which attention must be concentrated.
 How to pluck eyebrows

Finding the perfect shape

Using a small eyebrow correction for a couple of seconds to get amazing results. The main thing is to determine the type of face. And then you can proceed to the correction of their appearance, wysipad eyebrow of the desired shape. Examples of celebrities, we consider different and the shape of the face the eyebrows are perfect.

Square face, for example, can be attenuated if properly and accurately tweeze the eyebrows to make them slightly rounded. Megan Fox – this is a living example of this option. Eyebrows make a person more rounded, slightly sexy. If you are by nature like the contour of the face, but the eyebrows are straight or pointed, to get their correction. Comb the eyebrows down and drop the tweezers upwards. Then comb from bottom to top and remove, now at the bottom of the hair. If your eyebrows, by nature, are round, you only need once a week to pick up ingrown hairs to keep them in perfect shape. Mistake for a face shape is to pull out a clear straight line of the eyebrows. The lower part of the face will be weight.

Oval in shape, slightly elongated shape of the face, with soft lines of cheekbones and jaw. For this form the sexiest part will be long enough, the eyebrows, whose ends are slightly lowered. A good example will be for you, in this case, the face of Emily blunt. To set the length correctly, take a pencil or a ruler and draw an imaginary line from the nose wing through the outermost point of the eye to the eyebrow. If your eyebrows are short, extend them with a pencil, which is a lighter shade of hair tone. When the darker color eyebrow pencil would be unnatural. If they are too long, it is necessary to grasp the hair that goes beyond the perfect shape, and then in dust is a place to hide the redness. For women with this face shape it is impossible to do carefully drawn eyebrows with a kink – which visually lengthen the face.

If you have a heart-shaped face like Ali Larter, where the width of the cheeks and forehead they are almost the same, the pointed and strong chin, it is better for you will be thick and short eyebrows. They contribute to the balance between the upper and lower part of the face. The eyebrows should not be too wide, but of sufficient thickness to compensate for the pointed chin. The eyebrow should end above the outer corner of your eye, you just need to pick up extra hair on the nose and ends. If the eyebrow is very thick, satelite hair and cut the ends with scissors. After that, comb the eyebrows through hair growth and apply a clear gel since then, after a more careful look.

Round face when the width of the face almost equal to its length, and the chin rounded and soft, like Jennifer Goodwin. The ideal shape for such well-defined, arched eyebrows. In this case, the person will look better, the higher the angle of the eyebrows. However, their breaking must be directly above the outer edge of the iris. From this place to the end, it is necessary to perform eyebrow plucking until the hair does not lay down to resemble something like a tick or an inverted V. If the eyebrows are direct in nature, they must be brushed in an upward direction , towards the center, and under the eyebrow apply a shade of white due to the fact that they are attracted by the light, they produce a visually attractive arch

How to seize the eyebrows

After defining the shape, you can start to put eyebrows in order. Before plucking, apply a bit of cream to the skin around them and leave for ten minutes. Then cotton pad to remove excess cream and clean the skin with lotion-based alcohol. Then a special brush comb for eyebrows and draw the contours. Use a pencil contrast. Now, grabbing the hair closer to the root, pull out their strong movement in the direction of growth. Under the skin it is less traumatized, keeping it slightly second hand. Grasping your hair one by one, don’t try to speed up the hoarding process more at once – this can damage your skin. After the procedure, disinfect the inflamed skin lotion, then apply a soothing cream.

Now that you know how to determine the shape of the eyebrows and understand how the plucking process, you can try to give your eyebrows the desired shape, in accordance with all the laws and your own taste. Show patience and you will be satisfied with your new look.

Knowing how to properly pick eyebrows, you will be able to change, to create new images and to always be in a good unpredictable. So, I advise you to pay due attention to the suggestions above, they work.


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