Here are some tips you can follow when you use music to help you deal with stress:

1. Take a “sound bath” of about 20 minutes

Put on some relaxing music, then lie down or sit in a comfortable position on a sofa.

2. Choose a music with a slow pace

The idea is to choose a slower piece than the natural heart rate which is about 72 beats per minute. In general, music with a repetitive or cyclic pattern seems to be effective.

3. Listen to faster music to stimulate you

If you need stimulation after a day of work, take music that’s faster than slow, soothing melodies.

Turn up the volume and DANCE ! It does not matter if you know how to dance or not.

Just move to the rhythm of music and do what feels right. You will be amazed by the feeling of liberation that you will have!

4. When you do not have the morale

Take a music you know well
A music of your childhood or one of the old titles that you particularly like.

What is familiar often brings calm, comfort, or energy. The main thing is that it gives you back your spirits

5. Take a walk with your favorite tracks

Inhale and exhale to the rhythm of the music. Let yourself be carried away by this one.

This is a very good anti-stress method because it combines physical exercise (brisk walking), imagination and music.


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