Nothing to feed the baby at night is very difficult, breastfeeding is not only a source of nourishment for him, but also an intense connection with the mother, which somehow refers to when he was in his womb.

It is very important therefore, in order not to create an anxious state in the small, to choose well how and when to eliminate the feed at night.One thing is certain: the mother must be very patient and support the natural inclinations of one’s child.

When the child no longer asks for it

This is the easiest way because it is the child himself who does not ask for it, perhaps by nature he tends to sleep a lot and already during the first few months he occasionally skipped a meal to doze. His hours of sleep at night get longer and adapt a little at a time to those that are the mother’s hours.

The evaluation must be made by the pediatrician

The most important thing ultimately is that the night feed can really be removed. The pediatrician in fact, based on weight of the small and his state of health, advises his mother when it is time to remove it or, when it is the case to continue to go along with the need for the newborn. A baby born prematurely for example, needs to eat more frequently even if the meals have to be less abundant.

Sex is also affected a few times. The boys tend to want to eat much more than the females, therefore just removing the night feed is a bit more tedious.

Some practical advice

The night feeding can be removed approximately, according to the opinion of pediatricians, when the child reaches a weight of six or seven kilos. The first rule is that of delaying the feeding a little earlier than the nightly one so that the baby is full and does not wake up at night.

The second piece of advice is that of wait for weaning. The introduction of baby food makes it very easy to eliminate the night feed because the baby feels full sated thanks to a meal completed by biscuits or other products. Weaning has the aim of gradually reducing the intake of milk in the diet of the newborn, bringing it progressively to adult nutrition.

Even the pacifier can help a lot. Yes, because if the child wakes up at night, maybe he does not do it every time due to hunger. The mistake, therefore, is to attach him immediately to the breast. In reality, in this case the pacifier can be of help because it allows the child to imitate the gesture of sucking, which is very comforting to him. Often he just needs to be calmed a little, pampered and helped to get back to sleep. By doing this, Pain begins to stop asking for milk at night and sleep well for many hours.


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