Frizzy and unruly hair? Don’t worry, there are natural remedies to use at home to get rid of hair frizz: do-it-yourself beauty tips

Hair is the delight of every woman but, often, for many of us, they also represent a heavy cross to carry around daily. Anyone who is “affected” by a frizzy and poorly disciplined hair knows what I’m talking about. We spend hours and hours in the bathroom or at the hairdresser to try, in some way, to fix that hair that just does not want to know to be smooth, shiny and polite. Yes, polite, in order as we would like. But no, the frizzy hair sprouts like mushrooms on our heads and, unless we tie them up they will always be there, in disorder and shamelessly lacking in education! Not to mention the sea and the saltiness, where it is a real torture. The only remedy seems to be a hat or a band wrap everything! However, there is always one though, there are some natural remedies to prevent hair frizz. Perhaps some of you have already experienced a little something on the market but we must remember that the products on the market are many and, if it is true that apparently they make the hair “like us”, it is equally true that these products are full of chemicals which for a long time tend to ruin the hair with the result of a frizz even more pronounced than before. So what to do? First of all we explain the causes that make the hair frizzy and, consequently we find the best and most natural solution possible to cure this ugly “pathology”, hoping to give a smile to some of you.

Frizzy hair: the causes and factors

 greasy hair remedies

I frizzy hair usually belongs to those who have curly, wavy hair, but also with very thin hair and who subject them to aggressive treatments on a daily basis. But, specifically what are the causes that make your hair messy and so difficult to fix, even immediately after a shampoo?

One of the causes is the excessive use of phon, plate and curling irons that work at high temperature, stressing the hair and consequently giving it the “frizzy” effect. This effect increases if your hair has undergone aggressive treatments for example permanent and coloring. Treatments like these, in fact, damage and weaken the structure of the hair because they subject it to a strong stress.

excessive use of conventional lacquers, mousses or modeling waxes contribute to increasing the dryness .

Frizzy hair is dry, brittle and tiring hair to comb. They appear dull and rough to the touch. How to do it, then to cure them in the best way? First of all, we need to understand what the causes of frizzy hair are . Here are the 5 main causes:

  1. Genetic / hereditary condition : the frizzy effect is created by lifting the cuticles that cover the bark of the hair. This phenomenon could be genetic. Having or not having frizzy hair is often also a hereditary factor .
  2. Aggressive treatments : the colors and the perms damage the hair structure. Restrict use so as to avoid weakening the hair
  3. Hair dryer and hair curler : the use of plates and hair dryers at high temperatures stress the hair, giving it the “straw” effect.
  4. Climatic factors : humidity, wind, excessive sun exposure and saltiness. Even the change of season can be responsible for the frizz effect as it involves the alteration of the metabolism.
  5. Factors related to physical and psychological health : dietary deficiencies and emotional stress can weaken the hair.

Also the climatic factors such as humidity, wind, excessive sun exposure or saltiness, affect. They cause the alteration of the metabolism and can therefore be responsible for the frizz effect.

Un important role is played by also, your physical and psychological health . Some dietary deficiencies, some dysfunctions, fatigue and bad habits can spill over your hair, drying them out and brittle. Finally, among the main causes of frizzy hair there may be la poor hydration and lack of nourishment . So don’t be surprised if your hair needs a lot of care and care to be healthy, soft and bright

Frizzy hair: tips on how to treat it

 do-it-yourself balm

The first step to improving the health of your hair is to wash it in the right way. The advice is to wash the hair, initially, with warm water lukewarm. Thus, you will allow the hair cuticle to open and cleanse better. While, to rinse use warm water cold . It is essential to rebuild the fibers of which keratin is composed and give a shiny and disciplined effect. Lastly, dab with a towel without wringing out or overly stressing: you will remove excess water.

Once washed, the hair should be brushed from the roots to the ends keeping the head downwards. In this way, you will promote the distribution of sebum over the entire skin. The sebum helps to form the thin hydrolipidic film that has the task of protecting the hair from external aggressions and humidity, without, however, weighing it down. Also very important is the type of brush you use. Avoid those with synthetic bristles choose rather those with natural bristles. You will allow the cuticles to close and make the hair even smoother.

How to dry frizzy hair correctly

 how to make a thermo hair protection spray  

During the drying and then folding phase, the advice is to use the hair dryer at a distance of about 10/15 cm . Keep it away from the roots to avoid compromising the hair regeneration process, and avoids as much as possible irons and plates .

I know it’s hard – I more than any other I love the effect these tools guarantee – but think that you do it for the health of your hair. Besides, you can always learn to use the hair dryer for your hairstyles. And if you really can’t give up showing off a nice fold, you can always use curlers: they last longer and seem to be back in fashion!

Natural and do-it-yourself remedies for frizzy hair: Masks

Taking care of your hair the way right it is important and fundamental to avoid, or better to stem the annoying crepe as much as possible. So, as we mentioned at the beginning, there are natural and do-it-yourself remedies specially created for hair care and beauty. Find out what and how to use them, following the directions below.

  • Nourishing honey and olive oil mask: for dry and dull hair

A honey and olive oil mask is ideal if you have dry and dull hair.

A mask, this one is easy to make and cheap, succeeds in hydrate nourish and revitalize . How to prepare it? Simple:

Put two tablespoons of honey in a bowl and mix them with three teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil . Massage the hair pack, especially over the length (usually the most damaged), and rinse only after 10 minutes abundant.

  • Essential oil mask: to nourish hair

Another nourishing anti-frizz mask can be obtained by mixing 2 tablespoons of virgin castor oil 1 tablespoon of virgin oil d argan 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 5 drops of sage essential oil .

Apply the mask on the hair, and leave it in place for a now (remember to cover the hair with a film for food). Before rinsing, massage the hair with your fingertips.

The operation should be repeated once a week if the hair is excessively brittle and dry, otherwise every 15 days.

Frizzy hair ? Use egg shampoo and apple vinegar

How to do it? Simply whisk an egg in a bowl and dilute it with warm water. Apply it to the hair and gently massage.

Rest 10 minutes . Then rinse with warm water. Finally, put the balm and rinse. Repeat the treatment once a week . The lecithin and the vitamins contained in the egg make the hair shiny even after 2 or 3 treatments.

Use apple vinegar as a hair regulator and to restore its acidity. Two or three spoons in the last rinse make the shiny hair and make them extremely easy to comb . If the smell does not go away, try adding a few drops of essential oil perfumed with coconut or mallow.

Coconut oil conditioner for frizzy hair

Even coconut oil, being very nutritious, is ideal for treating frizzy hair, especially if curly. Containing Vitamin A and Vitamin E, protects against tissue degradation and acts as a natural antioxidant. Using coconut oil to make a nourishing hair conditioner is really simple. How?

Mix the coconut oil the shea butter and the gel d’aloe directly on the palm of the hand, and apply it on the hair. After applying it, massage it into the hair, especially the ends, wrap the hair in a warm but damp towel, and let it work for at least 30 minutes before rinsing. This conditioner is very useful for dry and frizzy hair but not recommended for those with hair that tends to grease! In both cases, work the conditioner only on the length of the hair being careful not to touch the root.

Another alternative is Shea butter: emollient, nourishing and moisturizing is a valid ally against frizzy hair. It is especially useful if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to apply a mask, or do a special shampoo before going out. Shea butter is convenient and simple because, can be used as a wax . You just take a small amount of butter with a spoon, warm it, rubbing it between your hands, and apply it to your hair (especially on toes and in critical areas), the result will be exceptional and immediate!

Which is the best cut for frizzy hair?

 Cut the hair

If the your hair is exaggerated and irremediably bristly and dry, opt for a scaled cut, if you have wavy or curly hair. A medium-long cut is also recommended, as long as it is not paro, in that way you will avoid the “helmet of bananas” effect on your head.

To better manage the frizzy hair, in fact, a suitable cut is also needed, in addition to that the right products and a rather constant and careful care. With a cut you can eliminate split ends most of the dry and defibrated.

I do not recommend however, excessively short and straight cuts : the shorter the hair, in fact, the more it is used to swell. Better to cut medium long and scaled. Last advice, if you have not yet gone to the beach, protect your hair, especially if you are frizzy, from UV rays and salt spray with a protective spray to put on the hair before being exposed to the sun.


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