How to use a transparent face powder

We all saw a transparent powder in the shops, but many have not yet experienced its remarkable properties and I don’t even know why it is necessary. The beauty of translucent powder is that it is well fixed on the face of the Foundation, smoothes the skin and has no color of its own.

1. Transparent powder appears white, but when applied to the skin, a new transparent layer is established, giving a matte finish depending on face cream and natural face color. The powder does not cause allergic reactions and is suitable for women with sensitive skin.

2. Transparent powder is ideal for girls who find it difficult to choose their own color. White particles of verona and immediately set a natural tone. Translucent powders are dissolved, the cream is compact. The first is best applied with a soft brush with natural bristles, second and third – sponge

 How to use a transparent face powder

3. This instrument is most often used as a make-up base. Pure powder to cope with a greasy shine and refreshes the face. The composition of these powders a lot of particles that reflect light, so the makeup artists often use them on the set of advertising campaigns and photo shoots.

4. Translucent powder is good for sensitive skin. As a general rule, most of translucent mineral powder. Does not dry the skin, does not clog the pores and does not accentuate peeling.

5. Transparent powder can be used as a primer for eye makeup. To do this, guide to century mobile means, a soft brush dome, apply the shadow. This will help complete the nuance and prolong the duration of eye makeup.

 How to use a transparent face powder

6. Remedy for lip makeup. After the first layer of lipstick based on oils, apply the powder, and then paint the mascara a second time. The powder absorbs oils contained in the lipstick, so that it can more safely resolve the lipstick on the lips.

7. It is not necessary to use a translucent powder alone, without other means. It consists of tiny particles, therefore it must be coated for makeup on the top of the base or foundation.

 How to use a transparent face powder


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