Nursery: advice by insertion

Soon the schools will reopen and there will be many children who, due to the parents’ working needs, will have to attend the nursery school. Here are some valuable tips on how to live the insertion in a serene way.

L ‘nursery, the first approach with the outside world without mum and dad. Many children will go to class in September accompanied by many anxieties experienced by their parents. For them, in fact, begins a new adventure and a new life cycle but also the first great detachment from the parental figure.

Mum and Dad, for their part, live this moment with a lot of anxiety and concern and their mind is often full of questions and sometimes feelings of guilt. But let’s find out how to live the kindergarten insertion in a peaceful way for baby and parents.

Inclusion at the daycare center, the fundamental advice for living it in a serene way


The inclusion in the nursery, a really important moment in the life of a child and his parents, in detail of the mother, who experiences the separation from her child with much anxiety. Here are some valuable tips on how to prepare and experience this delicate moment in a serene way.

Preparing the child for the nursery

Talking to your child, telling him that he will soon go to a beautiful place where he can play and meet other children.

Avoid emotional outbursts

Live serenely the moment of inclusion is a duty on the part of parents. Avoiding emotional outbursts and anxieties is essential to give the child a peaceful passage in this new adventure. Children are sponges that also absorb the parents’ anxieties and perceive their most intimate feelings.

Creating a small personal ritual with children

Detachment is the source of all anxiety and concern for mother and child, for this will create a small ritual in which, before leaving home, mom gives the child a bit of herself to take to class, it will be a way to make the separation sweeter. One of the most recommended practices could be to tie a cotton thread to the wrist of the small one and that of the mother, symbol of union.

Prefer a slow insertion

The separation between parents and children, will be lived more serenely if slow and gradual. It should last at least 15 days. But a month would really be perfect as time.

Leave the child with his favorite puppet

Every child has a toy, a heart bear that he keeps with him, especially during the night. The so-called “transitional object”. It will be good to let him take it with him, to give him security.

Always reassure the child

Often point out that ‘mommy is back’ is essential to make the baby safe and serene during the hours spent at the nursery.


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