Natural manicure with black stripe in the middle

If you work in the office and the dress code is somewhat strict, but you are one of those girls who loves to have impeccable manicure, you should know the following options that we are about to introduce you and believe me that you will at least want to try five of them

This is a small balance that must exist, and if you know how to maintain it, you don’t have to believe that you should give up some beautiful nails in exchange for your employment.

1. Simple but elegant

 Natural manicure with black stripe in the middle

2. The details make the difference in neutral tones

 Manicure in beige with details and small mandala in black

3. These pearls will give you a very tender and elegant touch

 Natural manicure with pearls

4. In addition to sober it is art in all its splendor

 Manicure in orange tone, with nail art of faces and matt effect

5. They are perfect for the beginning of autumn

 Manicure in dark green and mud color with effect

6. Pastel pink in matt is perfect

 Pastel pink manicure with white details and matt effect

7. Innovative without attracting much attention

 Manicure in B&W in the form of pen and shine

8. Dare to try this navy blue and it looks more than elegant

 Manicure in navy blue and beige with golden details

9. If you like simple, do not hesitate to wear this B&W chic

 B&W manicure with details of matte lines

10. The pink stick is perfect for any time of the year

 pink matte stick manicure with golden glitter details

11. You will surely love them

 Manicure in blue tones in matt effect

12. A cheerful touch but without leaving that balance

 Yellow manicure with black flower design and matt effect

13. The constellations look beautiful

 Constellations style manicure in matte

14. The natural never goes out of style and the details are perfect

 Natural manicure inlaid in golden tone

15. You’re going to fall in love with this option and you should try it!

 Naked base manicure with nail art on faces


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