Jelly makeup, the new trend for makeup

The makeup becomes “jelly”. The new makeup trend wants creamy and gelatinous textures.

The ‘Jelly makeup’ is the new trend for makeup and in particular for the texture of the products that must be strictly gelatinous. A perfect fresh makeup for the summer but which will also be successful during the next season.

The gelatinous texture will make the lips glam and also the complexion with the use of glosses and illuminants. But even cream eye shadows will give Jelly and impalpable textures. Let’s discover all the products to make Jelly makeup, from eyes to lips.

Jelly makeup, the products to make it

 Jelly makeup the products to make it

The Jelly makeup, is the new makeup trend that sees the textures of the products become soft, fluctuating and gelatinous. So go ahead for non-liquid, oily, cream eye shadows and lip glosses.

To create the perfect Jelly makeup without buying specific products, however, it will be enough to have a mirror-like gloss to transform even a simple creamy lipstick into a sparkling product and trend. On the market, then, there are very many liquid illuminants, even very cheap.

The illuminant must be applied on the cheekbones, on the nose, in the bow of cupid, on the forehead and on the chin, to recreate a ‘glossy’ but very studied effect . The lip gloss can then be applied in small quantities also on the mobile eyelid to transform a simple eye shadow into a ‘super glam’ product.



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