Body care for sports women requires special attention, especially with regards to hydration. The perfect beauty routine for “sport addict”.

Those who practice sports do it more than a few times a week, even every day and for this reason the skin, subjected to sweat every day and forced in technical clothing, mostly composed of synthetic fabrics, it should be treated with great delicacy and with products with an enveloping texture.

The most important products? Without a doubt the deodorant and a good antibacterial product to use in the shower. Let’s discover together the a perfect beauty routine of the “sport addict”.

The perfect beauty routine for ‘sports addict’

 Beauty routine for 'sport addict'

The skin care for women who love to play sports must be full bodied, delicate and also protective, both for those who practice indoor sports and for those who prefer to practice it outdoors without fear of facing even the coldest days. The different phases of the beauty routine include facial body cleansing hydration, protection and and why not, also a thread of makeup to be always cured and feminine.

Face and body cleansing

The facial cleansing must be done every morning and evening with highly moisturizing products and during the day after training with a specific product, also foaming but containing a small percentage of antibacterial, especially if you attend the gym and use training machines.

Al morning and evening, the classic combination cleansing and tonic milk is perfect If you need to remove the makeup before cleaning, a micellar water will be the perfect product. The milk can be massaged on the face and neck with the fingers and then rinsed with warm water. The toner should be tapped on the face and neck with a cotton pad soaked in the product.

After training, it will be preferable to wash with a specific antibacterial product for the face easily available in the pharmacy. Many times, during training, the face finds itself touching pads, machines and objects of mixed use where one can easily be infected by mycoses, warts and other bacterial infections.

For the body, after training prefer a fresh detergent with antibacterial properties while for the morning and evening shower, perfect bath foam with a full-bodied texture moisturizing and enveloping, perfect for those with added vegetable oils.

Face and body hydration

The skin of those who practice sport is a skin that oxygenates and purifies itself through sweating during training, so it requires little care with regard to ‘purification’ while it has extreme need to be pampered by very moisturizing products with important textures. For the face, go ahead moisturizing face serums and creams containing natural butters or vegetable oils such as karitè and argan. The body should be massaged with a moisturizer after shower and especially after training, when a quick shower will not be enough.

Face protection

When practicing outdoor sports, the face is exposed to the action of atmospheric agents and sunlight, and therefore requires specific protection. Always use a cream with a protection factor 50 in the summer and 30 in the winter and during the cold season, apply a vegetable butter to the face which will act as a protective shield to the skin of the face, protecting it from cold and wind. Even the lips will be protected with a specific cocoa butter .


Those who practice sports sweat a lot for this to use a good deodorant product will be the best choice. On the market, especially in pharmacies, there are excellent anti-perspirants products that will ensure freshness for many hours, especially during training. Another product ‘must have’ scented water which can be vaporized all over the body before training.

The makeup

The makeup is a vezzo, to which even the sportswomen cannot give up. Apply a waterproof mascara a long-lasting cream blush and a natural color gloss will be a way to always look nice and neat. Not to forget, the care of the eyebrows which must always be well defined and clean.

 sports beauty routine


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