Discover some light desserts to offer to your loved ones and eat at Christmas. To taste sweets with taste and without guilt.

There are about five weeks to Christmas and the mind of many is now turned to the gifts to do, the commitments to be made and the moments of sharing to spend with loved ones, needless to say, between the moments to live in joy do not lack lunches and dinners that if on one hand they are one more reason in order to feel happy and to make party, from the other they cannot not arouse a certain worry in view of the so many calories that risk to increase the numbers on the scale.
Between first and second and elaborate and rich desserts but also sugars and fats, staying on the line becomes a real challenge that not everyone feels they can win. Fortunately, from ours, there are many ingredients with which to play in order to make some good desserts enough but at the same time able to help us keep the line . If you have the opportunity to bring something to your friends or are planning a dinner, then here are some interesting ideas from which to take inspiration for a Christmas cake to eat without guilt.

Light Christmas sweets, three tasty and simple variations prepare

 Dried fruit

Cup of Greek yogurt with muesly and dark chocolate .
If you are following a diet or are thinking of completing the evening with a slice of pandoro or panettone, even inserting a cake after dinner can represent that step too long and able to bring the balance to a standstill. At the same time, not including any dessert is not gratifying, especially if pandori and panettone are planned later in the evening. A rather good alternative to get out of trouble is therefore to prepare Greek yogurt to sweeten with the sweetener and to overcome with a handful of crunchy muesly and dark chocolate pralines.
It is a simple recipe to make and for which need very few ingredients. Just mix the Greek yogurt with a few drops of sweetener, distribute it in small glasses previously dusted with muesly crunchy and sprinkle the other on the yogurt. Adding drops of dark chocolate and the dietetic trick will be perfect to close the dinner without weighing it down and without giving too many extra calories. The proteins contained in Greek yogurt will also be a good way to balance a dinner that is certainly rich in carbohydrates.

Ricotta mousse, honey and walnuts.
Another sweet, a little more bodied than the previous one and rich in taste is that of a good mousse with ricotta, honey and nuts. Just mix the amount of a bowl of ricotta with a teaspoon of honey and when you get a homogeneous cream pour over another pinch of honey and nuts. We will get a good spoon dessert and at the same time rich in proteins, once again perfect to balance a very rich carbohydrate dinner, giving flavor and taste without too much guilt.

Dates stuffed with mascarpone and walnuts
Finally, at the end of a dinner where proteins are be abundant you can opt for dates to be filled with mascarpone cream (alternatively ricotta can also work) and walnuts. Just cut the dates to create a pocket, stuff them inside and place a nut on it. You will get a delicious and excellent dessert to taste. Perfect to round off a generous dinner but after which you still want something sweet

With these three light desserts, success is more than assured and with it also the possibility of maintaining the line more easily without having to say no to good taste and the joy of sharing sweets in the company of loved ones.


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