Homemade lip care

The sun, the cold and the wind have a negative effect on the skin of our lips. Therefore, the lips need regular maintenance, which help maintain freshness and beauty for years to come. It is not necessary to resort to the help of experts and to participate in expensive beauty salons. Enough to take care of the lips at home.

Lips are of great importance in our appearance, beauty and ruin can be multiplied. The lips do not hide, they are always in view, so that when it is dry and chapped lips do not spare even the best makeup

The skin of the lips is free of sebaceous glands, so that their surface is very prone drying and flaking. Meanwhile, we know that well-groomed lips make a seductive and young woman.

 Homemade lip care

How to care for lips at home?

Before going to bed compulsory to eliminate is present on the make-up lips with a sponge soaked in a special detergent or hot water.

Twice a day after morning and evening, the brushing of the rotational movements massages the lips with a soft brush or area again with a soft sponge, towels.

After the fat lip massage with butter or a special balm, which is due to chapped lips will stop flaking and soft.

If your lips are prone to dryness and cracking, it protects them from external influences using oil vegetable or oil solutions of vitamins A and E. Apply any of these funds on a cotton ball and STAN your lips 30 minutes before leaving home.

Then remove excess oil with a tissue and cover the lips of a cosmetic or hygiene product – lipstick, gloss or conditioner that will prevent the lips from dryness and cracking. Then you can apply lipstick or gloss. A similar procedure can be done before going to bed, but in this case do not wash caused the oil until morning.

 Homemade lip care

Lip mask

To smooth the skin of a lips, to give freshness and natural shine, try making a lip mask.

Chapped, lips chapped perfectly refreshes and hydrates natural honey. Not only slizyvat on the right, and hold on the lips for at least 5-7 minutes.

Nourishing mask for the lips – mix a small amount of sour cream and carrot juice, apply on the lips, in 5-7 minutes, rinse with cold water

Nourishing effect of the honey-based mask and the dissolution of pork fat. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey well with half a spoon. the lard melted in a bain-marie or in the oven and put the mixture in a jar. This mask will be sufficient for several times. It is recommended to store in the refrigerator.

 Homemade lip care

So that the lips are not dry, use the following lip mask: apply a mixture of cucumber or carrot juice, honey, sour cream, ricotta. After 15 minutes, lip brush with vegetable oil

To soften the skin of the lips grated mix on a fine grater of apples with 1 teaspoon of butter, then put the weight on the lips for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

In conclusion, it is important to remember two important rules – do not lick your lips during your stay on the road, and do not start smoking. If you’ve already bought this bad habit, try leaving a cigarette. Smoking brings a lot of damage, not only to the lips, but gives a fleeting and very dubious pleasure.


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