Lipstick is an ally of beauty for many women, but not always long. Follow our tips for a long-lasting lipstick.

The lipstick is an ally of beauty especially to seduce a man, no woman can give up, the only disadvantage that does not last long, but there is a way to guarantee a better seal.

Often it happened that after having applied it in the morning, drinking coffee or munching on some snacks, there is no trace of lipstick.

However, there are some tricks that we can put in place, to guarantee a long hold, we suggest simple gestures to do every day, so as not to let the lipstick go away in a short time.

Long-lasting lipstick: here are the useful tips

1. Scrub lips

For to make the lipstick last for a long time it is important to have smooth and hydrated lips, without the presence of cuticles and cracks. If you scrub your lips every week your lips will always be hydrated. Mix 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, a little honey and a drop of vanilla essential oil, applied to the lips, rub and gently exfoliate. Let it sit for a minute or two then rinse with warm water. Used at least once a week.

2. Primer or lip pencil for a homogeneous base

Applying the lipstick directly on the lips is one of the most common mistakes, it is important to apply before the lipstick, a primer, which will create a film on the lips, allowing the lipstick to last a long time. It also prevents the lipstick from creeping into the folds of the mouth and encouraging the application of the lipstick evenly.

As an alternative to the primer, the lip pencil is also fine, to be applied over the entire mouth and not just on the contour. Also use a little foundation or concealer before the pencil, in order to guarantee a better fixing of the lipstick and prolong its duration.

3. Use the brush to apply the lipstick

You should never apply the lipstick directly on the lips, but it is advisable to do it with a lip brush, this will allow you to be more precise in the preparation and distribution of the product. Then apply the lipstick at least three times, dabbing the lips after each passage with tissue paper, so as to eliminate excess product.

4. Fix the lipstick with face powder

The last step to extend the life of the lipstick is the application of the powder, but it is not for everyone to do it correctly.

Take a piece of tissue paper, and rest it on the lips, dab the powder with a brush or a sponge, so as to fix the lipstick instantly.

If you apply the powder first the tissue, it allows not to remove the color of the lipstick but to opacify it, do another lipstick layer, so as to guarantee a more lasting and even more glossy effect.

If you follow the suggestions the lipstick will last all day, without the need for retouching.

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