Are you a lipstick lover? Find out how to apply it perfectly to have your lips in the foreground, beautiful to look at and without imperfections

Any woman can’t give up lipstick than the rest of the make -up, he is an ally of beauty especially to seduce a man. It has the power to attract looks, but applying it perfectly is not at all easy.

Many women have difficulty applying lipstick because it often remains on the teeth, drooling or does not have a long hold. Let’s find out what are the mistakes that are committed in order to avoid and have perfect lips.

10 errors to avoid

1. Apply the product on chapped lips: if there are cuticles or cracks, the color of the lipstick will creep between the folds. In these cases it is preferable to scrub.

2. Do not apply it in a hurry: for a perfect result, dedicate at least 5 minutes to draw the outline of the lips. Avoid applying it while you are driving past a traffic light or train while going to work.

3. Wrong handle: causes the smears, but if you hold the lipstick well, especially with a steady hand you will not go wrong.

4. Apply it before dressing: is wrong especially after a shower or after facial cleansing. This is because the skin is still reddened by the steam and besides you could dirty a dress or a blouse while the thread.

5. Do not apply the pencil: does not guarantee a long life, the pencil must always be applied to have a long hold.

6. Modify the lip contour: never modify it, because it is the natural design of a mouth, you can change some imperfections but not too much.

7. Apply a too creamy lipstick: never if the lipstick must remain intact for many hours, it is preferable in this case a long-lasting one.

8. Limit yourself to a single pass: when you spread the lipstick, dab it with a tissue, then wipe it with some powder and go over the lipstick.

9. Put the lipstick while holding the mirror with the other hand: it is preferable to stand still in front of a mirror, so as to avoid making mistakes in the application.

10. Choosing the wrong color: without taking into account the color of the eyes, hair or complexion is not good. If you spend many hours away from home and are unable to retouch it, nude nuances are preferred over red because if you drool and you notice it immediately.


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