Lose weight

Lose weight by using some simple “makeup”. Are you in panic about the arrival of summer and the costume test? don’t worry, here are some tips …

Lose weight in 5 easy steps. Attention: we do not steal the work from the dietician and specialist doctors, we simply give you some smart tips to eat less (so we turn to those who really can’t hold back with their fork and are definitely overweight). These tips only want to be suggestions, but then you listen and compare yourself with your doctor!


One of the ways to accumulate calories without realizing it is to eat too fast. The slow food, in addition to allowing you to taste and taste the best food, also gives you the opportunity to eat less. Chew for a long time, do not “flood your mouth”, take small bites. It helps digestion and gives a greater feeling of “fullness”.

How to tell if you eat too fast? Use a watch. If the meal goes already in less than a quarter of an hour there is something wrong. The advice is not to go under the half hour, and if you have a sandwich in your hand do not eat standing up, sit down, look for a bench in the park, open a newspaper and a book, take a bite, put a song of your i-Pod , take another bite, take a sip of water, stretch.

In short: force yourself to eat calmly.


A recent “fashion” of restaurants is to present huge dishes and perhaps scarce portions. Here, you do the opposite. Eat in smaller dishes, use containers where only a certain portion of food can be inserted and no more.

The principle is that of the supermarket: have you noticed that over time the carts have doubled in size? Bigger cart = we seem to buy less.

Then you “deceive” your head with the right portion in a small dish: it will seem to eat more.


100 g of pine nuts give 674 calories. 100 g of bacon gives over 850 calories. 100 g of cucumbers give 13 calories. 100 g of aubergines and tomatoes give 17.

If there is a conspicuous presence of low calorie foods on your plate, the feeling of hunger will be greatly reduced and you will be satiated first. So you can also eat “a lot” but with a careful selection of the foods that are placed on our plate.


In the end it is easy to eat very high calorie foods repeatedly. First rule is obviously to know which foods are the most fattening and those that do less. But beyond this a food “regime” must be created. Our dietician will create it, of course, but it is extremely useful to keep track of what ends up in our mouth.

Here then is that if Monday is eaten for lunch beyond the limit perhaps because they are forced to consume outside the meal, it will be possible to recover in the evening, cooking for themselves, or the day after taking a lunch prepared by us to work and of which we will know the composition and total amount of calories.

The risk to be avoided is to repeat over time the consumption of foods that are too high in calories.

Furthermore, keeping the diary also helps to “see” one’s efforts to eat properly, it becomes a stimulus to continue on the “right path”.


To lose weight a healthy diet, a correct and varied diet, in portions that are not excessive, is fundamental. But this is not enough. In theory our body should consume more calories than it takes, therefore physical activity is decisive for weight loss. The simplest activity of all is walking.

As the Veronesi Foundation also explains, walking reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and increases the level of “good” cholesterol (HDL), plus lowers blood pressure and obviously burns fat. As if that were not enough, in addition to helping us lose weight, the simple action of walking our mood better and guarantee a more peaceful sleep.

How much to walk to lose weight?

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) about seven kilometers a day are enough to keep fit. Do they seem so many? In fact they correspond to about an hour of walking. But you have to consider that these kilometers include all the steps we take during the day: to get out of the house, to go up the stairs, to go shopping and so on.

For this reason we recommend, in addition to the normal movement of our daily activities, to add at least half an hour per day of walking. This, combined with the tricks described above, will help us lose weight without too much effort.


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