Did you know that weight loss lowers leptin, the hormone that causes satiety and increases ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger? So when you are trying to lose weight, you must not only fight your mind but also and above all your metabolism. In addition, if you reduce the amount of calories you consume drastically, your metabolism will eventually slow down which will ipso facto slow your weight loss.

7 tips for healthy and long-lasting weight loss

Women’s Health magazine has collected testimonials from 8 women who have achieved impressive weight loss. Here are their tips:

1) Keep a diary

 advice from real women who have managed to lose more than 20 kilograms

For Britanny Hicks, 25, keeping a daily food diary helped her lose almost 50 pounds. Indeed, using words to understand exactly what you consume could not only help you become aware of the amount of food you eat, but also why you do it. The young woman explained that this allowed her to realize that eating was a way for her to cope with stress. She was able to discern her mistakes and make sure that she did not reproduce them.

2) Use smaller plates

 advice from real women who managed to lose more than 20 kilos

Following congestive heart failure, Jeanenne Darden, a mother of two, understood that was vital for her to lose weight. To do this, she simply reduced the amount of her meals using smaller plates. Thanks to this, Jeanenne managed to lose 22% of her body weight and to go from 85 to 66 kilos.

3) Check the menu before going to the restaurant

 Advice from real women who managed to lose more than 20 kilos

Jen Tallman would never have thought of a career in fashion because of his overweight . And yet, the young woman managed to realize her dream and works today for a big haute couture house. She explains that she has managed to lose about 50 pounds by reducing her caloric intake and practicing running. Also, to resist the temptation, when she eats at the restaurant, she thinks to check the menu upstream to be sure of being able to eat healthy.

4) Eat Greek yogurt

 advice from real women who managed to lose more than 20 kilos

Krystal Sanders managed to lose 35 kilos by simply substituting mayonnaise and cream with Greek yogurt. Thus, she uses it creatively to cook healthier versions of her favorite dishes.

5) Follow the rule of “one of each”

 advice of real women who managed to lose more than 20 kilograms

For Yasmine Farazian, a teacher in a school of art and design, he enough to follow the “one one one” rule to lose more than 22 kilos. This method is very simple, just eat a carbohydrate, a protein and a fat in the same meal. She explains: “I eat a sandwich of bread for example, a slab of beef and a lawyer (…) If I want to eat french fries, I will simply replace the bread with lettuce”.

6) Indulge yourself in a healthy way

 Advice from real women who have managed to lose more than 20 kilograms

After being diagnosed with cancer, Tracey gave up hope and took refuge in the food. Fortunately, a double mastectomy allowed the young woman to get rid of the disease. Following this, she resumed the sport and held on to a balanced diet. Thus, she advises all women who want to lose weight not to deprive themselves and continue to enjoy themselves in a healthy way. His favorite dessert? A sweet potato baked and sprinkled with cinnamon. A way to have fun, calories less!

7) Brush your teeth after every meal

 advice from real women who managed to lose more than 20 kilos

Tricia Minnick managed to lose almost 60 kilos by banishing sodas and carbohydrates his diet. Another of his slimming secrets? The young woman always keeps a toothbrush on it and uses it after every meal. She explains that it helps to stop nibbling because a fresh breath and minty gives you less desire to eat.


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