Did summer give you a few extra pounds? Find out how to get rid of it without sacrifice.

Summer is made up of many beautiful moments like days at the beach, outings with friends, ice creams on the beach and other precious moments that all together form indelible memories in which to take refuge during the long winter days. Unfortunately, along with the memories, too many extra pounds often accumulate and this is a less pleasant aspect of the holidays which fortunately can be easily solved, especially if you take advantage of the last days of summer and the possibility of eating fresh and healthy food without giving up to taste. A way to start the new season already in shape and with a smile, showing off a tan and, why not, still feeling a bit on holiday despite the return to books or work.

How to lose weight at the end of summer

Summer is ending but the thought of returning to life has always made you anxious because of a few extra pounds? Don’t worry, you’re in good company. Wanting to return to healthy weight even before returning home is a rather common thought and in some ways can help you deal with your return from vacation in a less traumatic way. Seeing yourself well in the mirror is certainly a good way to get back to work at full speed and without worries. For this reason, today we will discover some purely summer tricks to lose weight quickly and without effort, even in midsummer.

Have a good breakfast. Let’s start with the first meal of the day that will have to be done even if you want to lose weight. Eating breakfast activates the metabolism and guarantees energy to be spent during the day, avoiding the classic drops in blood sugar that lead to feeling hungry and eating the wrong foods. Given the heat of late August days, a good choice can be a sugar-free Greek yogurt with half a banana in slices. Those who love savory can instead opt for an orange juice (preferably fresh) to combine with a slice of wholemeal bread with two egg whites and a couple of slices of avocado. A meal rich in energy and also perfect for regaining your weight.

Don’t skip snacks. It may seem strange, but snacking during the day is one of the golden rules for losing weight. The metabolism remains active and there is no risk of getting hungry at meals, thus being able to choose between the healthiest foods and everything without exaggerating during meals. Knowing that the next is not so distant is often a great help on the psychological level, helping to stop when you are uncertain whether or not to enjoy that extra piece of bread or a sweet

Eating in a balanced way. As more and more studies show, to lose weight and keep fit, one of the tricks is to eat in a balanced way. To do this, consume the right amount of carbohydrates (preferably whole), lean proteins and good fats. In this way, in addition to being sated more easily, there will be no stimulation of hunger for a while and not going to exaggerated increases in blood sugar, you will not put too much insulin in circulation which is often one of the causes that make you gain weight. Any examples? In the morning instead of the usual milk with cereals, it is preferable to eat Greek yogurt with fruit or, if you can’t do without cereals and biscuits, it is better to replace the normal milk with that of soya that contains more protein. At lunch, the common dish of pasta with tomato is better to prefer one with a light ragout and as far as dinner is concerned, go ahead with lean proteins to accompany vegetables and fruit. For snacks you can choose an apple or a small wholemeal sandwich with low-fat cheese. And if you want something fancy like ice cream? You can opt for a more protein-rich meal (like a chicken salad) and finish it off with the much-desired ice cream that will replace the carbohydrates of the meal. A less healthy option but sometimes the belly should be followed, right?

Doing sport. Obviously, at the basis of staying in shape there is always a good dose of physical activity. If you are not trained you can opt for a long walk to do at a fast pace in order to accelerate the basal metabolism. Otherwise you can opt for a run or some perfect physical activity to practice in the summer such as, for example, swimming. In this way you will still feel you are on vacation and you will quickly get back into shape and feel better both in terms of mood and physical prowess.

Drink so much water We know, this is one of those sentences that you are almost tired of hearing. Yet, like it or not, it is also among the truest. A good hydration allows the body to perform its functions in the best way and this also means eliminating excess waste, going to the body, draining and keeping the metabolism active. Better to prefer a type of low residual water with little sodium, which is obviously natural. To be banned instead, sugary and alcoholic drinks that are overt enemies of the line.

Following these simple rules, getting back in shape even in late summer will be simple and almost fun, especially when you will feel more and more deflated and you will start to appreciate the first results in front of the mirror. A way like another to detox after the summer extras and to start the new season with an extra charge, given by a lightened body and the good mood that you always have when you feel fit and the mirror sends back an image more similar to the desired one.


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