Beyond dieting, physical activity and foolproof motivation, some changes in your lifestyle are essential to eliminate the extra pounds. Very subtle, they are not known to everyone because we do not necessarily make the link between their importance and our weight. However, these are essential to find the line. Explanations

1. Obsession of the scale

Many people focus on the number displayed on the scale, wrongly. By developing an obsession vis-à-vis the latter, they forget to take into account the efforts they provide on a daily basis. In addition, the difference in kilos does not always appear in the first days, as explained by nutritionist Jenna A. Werner. So, it’s important to focus on your well-being and how you feel rather than on a number that ultimately does not mean much if you do not feel comfortable in your body.

 Losing Weight

2.You’m confusing the kilos

Very often, some people panic when they see that despite all their efforts, the weight on the scale does not change. What they fail to take into account is that not all pounds are equal, and that while some are due to fat, others may be the result of muscle gain due to activity. physical. Abby Sauer, a nutritionist with a master’s degree in public health, says exercise is critically important, especially for women, who would lose up to 8% of their muscles after every decade.

3.Your Habits are extreme

Manichean diet is one of the biggest barriers to weight loss. As a study published by Journal of Health and Psychology, feeding on the binary principle of “black or white” is one of the surest ways to nullify your efforts . According to the dietitian Bari Stricoff, no need to adopt a drastic and frustrating diet, the most important is to go gradually, reducing the amounts of fat and sugar and incorporating more fiber to meals to consolidate the results.

 Losing weight

4.You want everything right now

“It’s always the impatience of winning that makes you lose,” said Louis XIV and rightly so since in matter of weight, this defect can lead you to make very bad decisions for the sole purpose of reaching your goals faster. According to Stricoff, the essential thing is to set realistic goals, to take your time and exercise regularly.

5.You have an unhealthy look on food

By focusing only on ingredients “diet”, you take the risk of developing a disgust for food that will not fail to tip you to the much feared yo-yo effect of diets. Rachel Fine, nutritionist and director of a nutrition consulting agency, recommends not to deprive oneself by allowing yourself from time to time foods that do us good. By adopting a balanced and varied diet, we avoid nutrient deficiencies and the frustration of not eating what we like.

6.You have trouble controlling your portions

 Losing weight [19659016] According to Werner, the portions that are used as part of a slimming program play a key role in weight loss. For the nutritionist, moderation is paramount, even when eating a healthy meal. Whether it is a slice of bread with avocado or a bowl of porridge, it must be remembered that it is not because a food is healthy that it must be consumed excessively. </p>
<h3> 7.You Compensate For Food Stress </h3>
<p> For some of us, food is an unstoppable way to cope with stress. Ice cream, chocolate, desserts, all means are

“The One One One Diet” warns against impulsive reactions to stress. According to the expert, you have to learn how to manage your emotions by giving yourself time to think about the best way to feel better.

8.Some salads are not as healthy as you think

Dr. Mike Russel , nutrition consultant unveils a very important point. In fact, salads can seem very healthy, but they are also one of the safest ways to avoid calories, especially if they are eaten at the restaurant. To better control their composition, the expert advises to always ask to have the sauce separated from the dish, by authorizing a maximum of two caloric ingredients such as cheese or nuts.


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