Lumbar back pain

Lumbar back pain is a problem that afflicts several people. Often one of the causes is a wrong position at work, or a life that is too sedentary. There are various therapies that can be followed. Let’s see what are the most effective.

Lumbar back pain or low back pain is a pain that affects about 80% of the population at least once in their life, especially when they are over 30 years.

Chronic or transverse lumbar back pain causes the patient a pain that can also affect other areas such as: thigh, groin and knee.

Mainly three levels of pain are identified:

  • Acute low back pain lasts about four weeks
  • Subacute low back pain with a duration of up to three months
  • Chronic when it has a duration of more than three months

Lumbar back pain: the main causes

The causes of chronic or acute lumbar back pain are various, but usually one suffers from this pathology due to:

  • muscular and skeletal problems affecting the lumbar region (for example: stretching, contractures and distortions)
  • inflammation of the sciatic nerve
  • sedentary
  • obesity
  • bad rest due to a not comfortable mattress
  • incorrect posture during the day
  • excessive use of uncomfortable shoes
  • tears due to sudden physical exertion

Chronic lumbar back pain remedies

Chronic low back pain therapy often changes depending on the cause of low back pain and duration. In general, chronic back pain is treated with a therapy based on pain medication such as: weak opioids, muscle relaxants and paracetamol.

In cases of chronic low back pain with vertebrae problems in the loins, the doctor may recommend epidural infiltration or cortisone intake.

Chronic low back pain requires following a physiotherapy or healing pool path to improve the condition of the back.

In cases of serious problems such as a herniated disc, then the doctor may also suggest surgical treatment to eliminate the problem of the hernia. Surgery is also proposed in cases of spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis.


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