Magnetic lashes: pros, cons, and rules for the use of a new beauty device

We live in difficult times, when the girls make wavy eyebrows, increasing the hair in the nose and is decorated with sequin buttocks. The emergence of this magnetic tendency, lashes seem incredible. Let’s see, what are magnetic eyelashes.

Beauty trends do not “leave” our eyelashes. We are asked to do several beauty salons for eyelashes or to increase their number with the help of eyelash extensions. When creating evening makeup, makeup artists glued to more than eyelashes. But it is complex and requires appropriate skills.

To simplify our lives and create magnetic lashes. But if they have simplified?

What is the magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic lashes – a beauty device that will face every idea: “why couldn’t I think of it before?”. It is reusable, sustainable and safe in lashes on magnets, which eliminate the risk of allergic reaction and greatly simplify the makeup process.

 Magnetic lashes: pros, cons and rules for the use of a new beauty device [19659002] Magnetic cilia was presented for the first time (and created) in 2016, the Uno Due di Ciglia brand. However, this, at first glance, the beauty ideal of the device has several disadvantages: firstly, they are much more expensive than normal false eyelashes. Secondly, they can only be purchased online, making the pre-order. </p>
<h2> The advantages of a magnetic eyelash field </h2>
<p> The obvious and the main advantage of this device is easy to use, it is not necessary l use of glue for make-up and minimizing the risk of

The disadvantages of a magnetic field of eyelashes

As we have said, one can only buy online and in advance. This means that you can buy for an hour before the photo session is simply impossible. Prepare or regular use of false eyelashes

In addition, the main and a huge disadvantage of this device is the magnet itself. This problem existed in the period from 2016 to 2017, as producers say, have been eliminated. The nice thing is that the magnet was placed at the center of the ribbon, which did not allow the lashes to follow the curvature of the eye.

 Magnetic lashes: pros, cons and rules for the use of a new beauty device

This issue has raised a large number of negative reviews of bloggers and “spoiled” the product. However, he is again entering the updated market.

New / old magnetic lashes

An updated version of this product appeared in early 2018, when a giant in the field of false eyelashes Ardell released his magnetic eyelashes. The brand has developed this idea of ​​removing the Central magnet on the ribbon with eyelashes, which makes it invisible and thin.

 Magnetic lashes: pros, cons and rules for the use of a new beauty device [19659002] Magnetic eyelashes seem different from the ordinary: the only difference is that the association of ciliary, mini-magnets bundles, not glue. A small improvement allowed the right to «put» the eyelashes on the curve of the eyes, and saved such a brilliant idea beauty. </p>
<h2> How to use magnetic eyelashes </h2>
<p> To adhere and for false eyelashes for many a real hell, and for other routine tasks. Mechanism of action the use of overhead and magnetic lash is the same, only practice is needed </p>
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Magnetic lash not it is necessary to use glue, pliers and other simple tools for false eyelashes. Just apply a strip of eyelashes as close to their natural growth line. Then applied to the mucosa of the upper eyelid under the lashes and they will be your eyes. Or on the eyelashes.


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