Makeup to copy for those with brown eyes

A beautiful trick to copy for those with brown eyes. All the products and their application for an impressive makup.

The eyes are a fundamental part of the feminine charm and the makeup is undoubtedly a beauty tool capable of emphasize them and make them magnetic. Brown eyes are the most widespread color among Mediterranean women even if there are different shades, from the coldest to the warm ones that will be enhanced by the right makeup.

Here is a make-up for you to copy if you have brown eyes, which will frame the look in a refined way, and make it irresistible.

Brown eye makeup to copy, all the products and the application to make the makeup

 Brown eyes makeup to copy [19659007] A <a href= young and sparkling makeup for brown eyes perfect for every day, played on bright tones and with a touch of very refined color in shades of blue.

To make the makeup the first step will be to apply an eye primer that neutralizes the natural color of the eyelid, alternatively you can use a very covering corrector. Once the makeup base has been applied, you can proceed by applying a white and bright eyeshadow over the entire mobile eyelid . The eye crease should be emphasized with a caramel-colored eyeshadow and well blended upwards

The border of the eye will be made with the help of a black pencil applied between upper lashes and in the lower water line . The eye will then be defined by a very important row of eyeliner with a very evident tail towards the outside. A blue eyeshadow, will dress the lower eyelid line and marry perfectly with the black pencil. You can blend everything with a pen brush. The application of a volumizing and lengthening mascara will be essential, for an even more dramatic effect, go-ahead to false eyelashes, both in ribbon and in tufts.


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