Makeup for brides 2019

So that every bride can get the perfect image, one of the most important things to define is undoubtedly the makeup, since it must be worn according to the complexion of each woman and the color of her eyes and hair, so that become a point in favor. So today we wanted to present through this post different styles in makeup for brides, which also fit the main trends of fashion 2019 and are ideal for all future brides can find the one that feels best.

It should be noted that the proposals are quite different, on the one hand we see very subtle makeup, barely perceptible, but on the other hand we see brides with lips painted in intense reds or peaches. In almost all cases, the eyes are not loaded with makeup, very pale shadows have been used.

Nude makeup

Let your natural beauty shine through the shiny skin, cheeks slightly flushed and lips like freshly bitten. The key is to make sure that the skin is clean, exfoliated and well hydrated. A light or moisturizing base to hide imperfections, while a light layer of rouge applied to the cheeks will give you a healthy pink color. Finish the look with a touch of subtle color on the lips.

For the next season the types of makeup that will impose the most style are undoubtedly those discreet that emphasize the natural beauty of each woman.

Strong eyebrows

The dark eyebrows, impelled in their moment by Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Brooke Shields, are making a comeback thanks to the supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Pearly illuminator

A common request for wedding makeup is to give the skin a dewy appearance, and this season is no different.

Pink lips

For the lips, one of the options is to bring your natural color of soft pink or coral that work well with your skin tone.

Red and burgundy lips

A trend in makeup for brides that causes furor. The lips in red or burgundy tones are undoubtedly one of the most daring trends for brides, since not all dare to a makeup so intense and striking. But the truth is that it really has a lot of charm to give us, since it allows us to highlight even more the light color of the dress, if you have chosen a white, beige or pearly wedding dress.

And the best thing about this makeup is that not only is it one of the most stylish, but it is also one of the easiest makeup to achieve, since it requires little more than well defined lips in red. Perfect looking simply accompanied by slightly delineated eyes.

Bright lips

Lip gloss has a bad reputation, but if done well, it can give the lips a beautiful luminous appearance.

Brown eyeshadow

In keeping with the natural theme, consider the matte brown color for eye shadow and eyeliner.

Smoked makeup

A nice way to highlight the look of the bride. A makeup of this type, in intense tones, may be the best way to highlight a beautiful look, as it makes the eyes are the true protagonists of the face.

Touches of golden or silver shadow

The lighting effect has gained much popularity in the current makeup, and in a bride it becomes even more beautiful, as it creates a pretty festive and glamorous look.

Peach makeup

There is no doubt that if what the bride is looking for is a sweet, feminine and timeless look, makeup in different shades of peach is one of the most successful options. In addition to being one of the freshest makeups, they allow us to look in a much more natural way the beauty of each face.

Makeup in pink tones

One of the most classic and romantic styles. If what you want is sure success, a make-up based on roses becomes the ideal option, since the pink tones allow us to favor lips, cheekbones and eyelids with a classic and romantic touch at the same time.

Silver makeup

The silver eye makeup is one of the most successful and popular options in brides, as it gives an important enhancement to the look, as well as a more illuminated, fresh and seductive. The best option if in addition, the celebration takes place at night.

As you can see, it is undoubtedly one of the most versatile makeup proposals for brides, as it combines with whatever color they have chosen for their wedding dress, as well as compatible with all possible shades of complexion and color of hair; three fundamental points that the makeup must fulfill if what is wanted is a 100% successful image.

For a more striking image and more perfectly defined eyes, you can perfectly complement your silver-colored makeup with a well-defined black eye outline; the perfect choice without a doubt if you want a sexy look.

Vintage makeup

Vintage makeup is perfect for weddings because it gives a mysterious touch to the woman who wears it. It consists in making the skin appear much more luminous using clear makeup bases and luminous powders.

The orange tones are perfect for this look both in the eyes and on the cheekbones and very flattering especially for white skins, as they give a toasty touch to the face.

If you do not like toasted tones, then you can opt for bright targets.

This look is achieved very easy. You must put a first in the eyes to make the colors look much more intense. Next, a shadow should be placed on the mobile eyelid in white or beige tones. Then we have to paint the area of “the banana”, this area is used to give depth to the eyelid and is done by putting a much darker area. This can be in brown or black tones.

The eye line is basic, both above and below. The line above must be more dramatic, that is, we can lengthen the eyeliner as much as we want, since that is one of the characteristics of the vintage look.


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