Makeup for brown eyes: what tone to choose

To Shine, and not Shine the Eyes of a passionate Expert advice

Perfect skin is the basis for perfect makeup, so you will need a base, and a correction of means. When selecting a database, choose instruments with a light, water-based texture that will make the color and lines smooth without weighing the skin.

 Makeup for brown eyes: what tone to choose [19659002] To mask any other imperfections, use the concealer is matching your skin tone </p>
<p> To hide small blemishes will help brown eye correctors suitable for you, with the consistency of a cream. Choose a concealer of a lighter tone of the foundation and apply it before your eyes. To mask any other imperfections, use the concealer to match your skin tone. This method will allow you to align the color and give a well-groomed appearance. </p>
<h2> To Shine and not Shine </h2>
<p> To get a perfect complexion it helps concealer and powder. Ideally, summer makeup must win two or three of foundation with SPF and increase the color saturation that will match the tan. It is important that the foundation was light and allow the skin to breathe. To get rid of Shine on the face will help compact powder or powder. The compact powder is recommended for dry and friable oily skin. Special wipes to eliminate Shine will help to correct makeup during the day. Another great tool for dust with solarization effect. With your face shine, and they will look refreshed. Apply the powder on the areas that the tan is the fastest: the chin, the forehead, the nose and the eyelids. </p>
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To get a perfect complexion helps concealer and dust

Passionate eyes

Today back in fashion smoky eyes gray or brown eyeliner and this Smokey eyes makeup for brown eyes, current for both the evening and the day of release. The novelty of this season – brown smoky-blue eye makeup, presented the latest collection of important fashion houses. As for the shadows, it will come in the summer, stylists recommend not choosing your own kind eye color. For brown eyes match blue, purple and emerald green, green eyes accentuate gold and Bordeaux palette, with blue eyes blend shades of orange and brown. Essentials for summer and waterproof mascara, you don’t have to worry about your makeup being in the sea, and you are not afraid of a sudden summer downpour.

For brown eyes, current chocolate range: brown natural shade of the lips with a Golden effect brilliant. Autumn is wonderful, but the short time that separates summer, the bright white of the winter season. And so, you want to prolong the charm of warm days, so that the paint should be soft, a matter of tones. But the red lips are still fashionable

 Makeup for brown eyes: what tone to choose

The Smokey ice makeup for brown eyes

For an evening out, in the light it requires more daring, make-up evening for brown eyes (step-by-step photos look on the Internet). It is being highlighted with a black pencil, apply gray-brown eyelids or shadow coffee on the upper surface and mix thoroughly with a brush up to the temples. It remains to be added under the white or beige nacre front touches, and you can go to an evening in a theater or on a date. Before those eyes no one can resist!

2016 year new make-up for brown eyes – the main component of the evening. This season’s fashions are a shade of silvery hue. But if your goal is a beautiful image, apply the shadow on the eyelids Golden shade. The use of special pliers to curl the lashes. This will give the appearance of opening, and the lashes volume. Very popular shade of water colors: blue and dark blue. 2016 new year makeup for brown eyes in these tones were indebtedness of the 80s.

Makeup for brown eyes (step-by-step photos is on the Internet) allow the pink-purple. It is ideal for owners of white, black or ash skin, blond hair. Lilac-purple eye shadows, pink lip gloss is just what you need!

 Makeup for brown eyes: what tone to choose

For an evening out, the light requires more bold, evening make-up for eyes brown

Brown eyed girls fits a calm, natural eyebrows. Women with expressive eyes to relax and not spend too much effort. However, it is useful to lightly emphasize the eyebrows with an eye shadow of the same color as the hair roots, rastushevok them as random.

More recently, the services of makeup artists, was considered an essential attribute of life models and stars of pop . In beauty make-up perceived as something exotic, except on the solemn wedding day. And that the daily use of professional cosmetics was out of the question, because the luxury of the brand was known only to a small circle of specialists. But times are changing. Some great ladies who have achieved success in the field of service, avoid making day for make-up for brown eyes, just because you can’t! They never found his color palette, and may have forgotten what it should be. Even worse is the case of those who are actively preparing the face for aesthetics, but do not know the basic rules.

 Makeup for brown eyes: what tone to choose

Makeup for brown and pink eyes -viola

In the make-up artist’s Arsenal a lot of techniques with which it is possible to make a nice make-up for brown eyes, and to greatly improve the appearance.

And, very important, in the last years c ‘was the following trend: some makeup artists working with drugs that can be purchased in a salon, this means that the customer pays not only for a single transformation, as competent for the individual selection of make-up and methods of its application

A make-up artist helps the client to learn the person: it determines the optimal combination of liquid and dry, collects, if necessary, correctors to mitigate skin imperfections, perfectly smooth sign, appl Select the foundation with the special sponge, to simulate the oval face, highlight the colors of the shadows. But most importantly, we are convinced that not all the nuances of the decoration means that you are an expensive counter and is able to make a good evening make-up for brown and advantageous eyes.

However, to do a nice trick for brown eyes, home, special work not to do. We just need to listen carefully to the teacher’s recommendations for practice and sooner or later we will succeed

 Makeup for brown eyes: what tone to choose

To make a nice makeup for brown eyes not home it works

The advice of a professional

Most women (girls) with brown eyes purchase matching key shadow. This is a mistake. Casual makeup for brown eyes, in this case they are similar for cold and gray, stains, natural color is lost. If, by contrast, lilac, purple, brown, pink or bronze shadow eyelids are applied, they will be played in a new way and the eyes will be attracted, not the makeup.

When using red lipstick you should remember that the clarity of the lines is important here. The lips must be perfectly drawn and rumors of any irregularities. Outlined with a lip pencil (in a darker half tone of the lipstick) well covered with lipstick, including the contours, but without going beyond their borders.

Age of brown eye makeup (Internet photo) recognizes only the delicate shade – not suitable for mother-of-pearl drugs. This is especially true for iridescent shadows, which after 25 years of strongly emphasizing the wrinkles on the eyelids.

 Makeup for brown eyes: what tone to choose

Marriage makeup for brown eyes, is the abundance of mother-of-pearl and pink-silver

Wedding makeup for brown eyes, is the abundance of mother-of-pearl and pink-silver. But when using these cosmetic products, especially in powder form, one cannot forget the photo in which the mother-of-pearl does not always successfully appear.

Brown eyes dictate their conditions and fans of fashionable hairstyles. More elegant are considered a long (under the eyebrows) or asymmetrical bangs, but short and very short chelochki is also relevant. The color, the solutions can be different, from deep dark tones and soft highlighting, which creates the optic of volume. Recommended blondes of copper or pearls or shades. Back in fashion perming. Now give the hair movement and shape, and don’t ruin them.

Successfully use delicate chemistry based on fruit acids, hair becomes shiny, and curls look natural. The preference is given to large or medium-wave. Does not damage the hair and makes it natural.

 Makeup for brown eyes: what tone to choose

Hairdressers, with great attention not only created their masterpieces, but also the quality of hair

Hairdressers , with great attention not only created their masterpieces, but also the quality of the hair. After all, the sick and the boring wires do not even mask the most fashionable hairstyle. Very popular recent hair treatment hardware, such as, for example, a “hot scissors” haircut. Acting as normal, or thinning, they have also “sealed” the tip of the hair, not allowing it to split. While it has all the nourishing substances of which it has a lively and smooth appearance, thin and not forks.

Everything changes: fashion, style, color. A constant remains true – after each manipulation, the hair and eyes must give the impression of naturalness, sharpness, brilliance.


As with any cosmetic procedure, 2016 brown eye makeup may cause some problems. A complication with the terrible name of “dry eye syndrome” manifests itself in the form of reducing the amount of tears that causes irritation and therefore permanent redness of the eyes. Usually dry eye is a common symptom after makeup, but it should take place half an hour after application. If the drought persists, then the situation is abnormal.

 Makeup for brown eyes: what tone to choose

Dry eyes is a common symptom after makeup, but should take place half an hour after application

Tearing the eyes, can also disturb the girl, especially if the cosmetic products are new, but persistent and continuous, watery eyes, is already a bad sign. If after 2-3 days this unpleasant symptom persists, then the trick does not suit you.


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