Makeup for round faces

There are many forms of faces, they can be round, square, oval or heart-shaped. Each face shape has a special makeup technique to improve the features and highlight the beauty. If your face shape is round here you will learn some makeup tricks to optically lengthen your face and make it look thinner.

There is no doubt that round faces are one of the most common to find and without a doubt they are also one of the most graceful to have. There are many simple tricks to refine this type of face. That is why today through this post we invite you to discover some of the makeup tips that will most favor this particular face shape.


You must think of your face as a painting to which you must add lights and shadows to achieve the desired effect. In the following images we see a guide of how you should shade it.

You must darken the outline of the face and illuminate its central part. This will achieve the optical effect of a longer face. You must apply the cosmetics in a very diffused way, otherwise you will look like a carnival mask.

As you can see, there are different ways to apply lights and shadows. You can try in front of a mirror, and choose which of all possible forms is the one that makes your face look the most.


You have two possibilities.

  • If you have previously done the outline, you must find the perfect base that matches your skin tone and can blend very well.
  • If you have not contoured, the trick to lengthen the face is to apply two base shades, one lighter and one darker. The clear in the center of the nose and the dark one in the lateral ones as well as in the tip of the nose. Use the dark base in the contour of your face. You have to make the two tones mix so you do not notice the difference in tones.


It is applied in the central area of the face: nose, forehead and under the eyes, mainly.


Apply a translucent powder by working it up and out. To look thinner you should apply it on the cheeks and bones to the temple, but no more under the bottom of your nose and not above the outer corner of your eyes. The key is to learn to play with dark and light tones to optically create an elongated face.

Eyes make up

The round face requires vertical lines to make it look more oval. The eyebrows have to be in proportion to the facial features and if they are very arched they will lengthen your face.

Apply a light eye shadow on the line against the eyebrows. With a darker shadow, make yourself over the fold of the eye to make it look taller and therefore longer. You must apply the shadow with movement out extending a little more from the end of your lashes.

The eyeliner should apply it from the internal angle towards the external angle of the eye and continue slightly the line upwards. In the lower eyelid you must do the same but the line trace it from the center of your eyes.

Finally, the mask should be used with emphasis on the eyelashes in the outer corner of your eyes.

Celebrities with round faces

If you have this face format, you are truly lucky, since you can go for a neutral makeup in both eyes, lips and cheekbones as well as you can bet on a more intense makeup for eyes and lips, since any of these two ways you can get a harmonious look.

The truth is that a face of this particular shape with a beautiful makeup that suits the characteristics of it, can make us look very young and elegant. Take advantage of him.


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