What makeup to choose for tanned skin

If you want to enhance your appearance by highlighting your summer tan you should play with make-up. Here are some tips for perfect summer tricks

Make-up can be a perfect ally for your tan: here’s how to make your skin stand out with makeup.

In the summer, thanks to the suntan and amber skin, it is usual to show off a water and soap look. If you love make-up, however, it is not a given that you have to give it up, but only to follow specific precautions to avoid too heavy an effect. Are you wondering what is the best trick to make your tan stand out?

The basis for summer makeup

Since you are tanned, for your summer make-up you might decide to do without the foundation or, at least, to choose a lighter one like the mineral foundation, taking care to avoid covering products. You can also opt for a mineral powder free surface, which also meets the needs of those with shiny skin in the summer. With regards to color, it is preferable to choose a slightly darker, and never lighter tone, without, however, deviating too much from one’s level of tan.

If you simply want to perfect your color in a natural way, you can choose products like BB Cream and colored creams, which also have the merit of moisturizing the skin and giving it a brighter look. If you finally decide to do without the foundation, rely on a little concealer, to cover dark circles and imperfections, and an illuminant to apply on the cheekbones and center of the forehead to make the tan fresher.

Blush and earth

In summer you could do without blush and blush. However, if you still want to use it, pink shades are not recommended, which should be used in large doses to be visible. The biscuit and apricot tones are definitely better. Go ahead also to the compact earth, to choose in an amber and warm shade, that does not go to make your color gray.

Eye makeup

Due to the different coloring, in the summer also the eye makeup will be different. Prefer powder eye shadows or creamy pencils to blend. Among the most suitable colors there is undoubtedly the green, which adapts perfectly to the amber complexion and which can be used in different shades depending on the color of the iris. The same goes for blue, to be preferred in the lightest shades of turquoise and blue for those with lighter hair, or in cobalt for those with an olive complexion instead.

On the other hand, those who love a more natural make-up can focus on gold in all its nuances: it goes very well also tending to champagne, or in neutral shades with iridescent flakes or glitterini, whites and rosés on amber skin should be avoided and used only as dots light. Finally a beautiful line of black or brown graphic eyliner and abundant mascara will enhance your eyes in an elegant and not at all excessive way.


A make-up designed to enhance a tan cannot do without a lively and cheerful lipstick. The shades that are too dark are obviously abolished. Go ahead, instead, to coral, deep pink and orange. If you have focused on particularly bright eye shadows, you can balance with a lipstick in shades of nude.


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