Bridal makeup your own hands

That marriage requires a lot of effort and Finance, knows every bride, who is intensely committed to preparing for the most important day of your life. And unfortunately, not every girl has an extra two or three thousand on a makeup artist who can even do makeup, not hair or a dress. Who knows more about what is more like you?

Step one: preparing for make-up in advance

Some of the beautiful sex for six months before the scheduled start date to visit the salon beauty, leaving almost all his salary. But to look your best, it is not necessary to go to extreme measures, to follow it.

Do I want your skin to shine, did you not have pimples and other defects? Then for two or three weeks before the scheduled date to sit on a diet: eliminate from your diet, fat, fried, smoked, spicy, salty, sour and sweet, as well as abstaining from alcohol, tobacco. During this time, the body has time to clean the toxins and harmful substances that negatively affect the condition of the epidermis.

Do not forget to twice a week to make a cleanser or a moisturizing mask to get rid of dirt in the pores . Surely, at least once, a visit by a beautician, who will pick you up for the Wellness facial cleansing program. In no case, do not skimp on beauty products, such as vices, whether pimples, blackheads or with the sun, the camera is clearly visible.

Before marriage do not do excrement with the skin after a night of irritation and redness and all defects will have to be covered with a thick layer of foundation and dust. Not tested cream or toner followed until you can sit a few days at home. Even three weeks is to abandon the chemical cleansing and exfoliation, you can sprinkle it even more.

To make your own bridal makeup hands, with the help of mascara, lipstick and eye shadow that you have in stock two years, is like a white dress to wear white old dress that you wore the summer (maybe it’s not even a season). Ugly, low, plus at any time will be broken.

To start, make a list of what this day will need: Foundation, powder, eye shadow, lip liner, eyeliner, lipstick, gloss, etc. after buying the make-up, make sure to experiment, for the last day there was no need to run for a lipstick that “like this, just a little lighter” In addition, there is a risk of allergic reactions, especially if you haven’t painted so much or have opted for other brands.

Also, don’t forget that on the devices, which will all be: brushes, cotton swabs, sticks and many other things . The penalty is expensive, but without them, the makeup will look awkward and ridiculous. It is unlikely that you will be able to properly mix the shade with your finger or with a conventional brush, which is intended only for powder application.
 Bridal makeup your own hands

Step two : make bridal makeup

So, as soon as he woke up, immediately wash off with cold water, lightly Pat the skin with a towel, so as not to leave any traces, clean the face with toner, then apply the moisturizer . It should take at least twenty to thirty minutes to soak, so you can start the trick. Remember that all skin care cosmetics do not contain alcohol or other corrosive substances, otherwise they can become irritated.

The first thing you need to mask all the defects that may appear due to the emotion. The dark circles under his eyes (the evidence of a sleepless night or a big bachelorette party), acne, blackheads, all easily hidden under a small layer of foundation. If the skin is dry, apply with a sponge, if the fat is with a brush.

Too big pimples, you should first cover special tool (for example, a thin pencil), which is slightly lighter than your foundation, and only after that you can apply Foundation. But make sure everything is well dried, otherwise it will just smear your makeup, which will be fully stained. Now you can walk over the dust, whose color matches the shadow of the Foundation. If something you don’t like or face like a mask, remove the makeup and start the procedure again. Those who have never dealt with this should first hone their skills.

Remember that the tone of the foundation should not change the tone of the skin, otherwise the bride’s face will look unnatural, in addition to some body parts (cleavage, neck, hands) in this case also to cover. A wedding dress in places where it will come into contact with the cream to acquire a slightly yellowish color.

Two days before the wedding, you should tweeze your eyebrows to give them the correct shape, avoiding severe irritation. But don’t try to radically change your image by leaving a thin strip over your eyes or making a tattoo, as in this case, you will completely change your makeup. If necessary, paint your eyebrows using a special dye, which is sold in any professional cosmetics store. Don’t forget to draw everything with a pencil to highlight the graceful curve, but don’t overdo it, so as not to look too harsh.

If the wedding is not themed (rock), then the ideal would be to race and not too much bright makeup , which will highlight the beautiful eyes, but do not give excessive vulgarity. First take a small needle with a pencil or eyeliner, then apply the eye shadow in the lighter corners to the darker edges. The color palette depends on many factors: the color of the eyes, hair, skin, dress. The only warning to keep in mind is a brilliant make-up ruins the photo.

In less carefully applied mascara, which must be waterproof, like a happy bride, at some point it will be difficult to hold back the tears of joy. And it is unlikely that the girl would want every five minutes to perform with napkins in ladies room to correct bad makeup.

Remember that mascara should go smoothly, gently, without lumps, matted lashes should not be. If the normal day is forgivable, on the occasion when working with a journalist and a photographer, this error is unacceptable. To avoid this, use a special brush for combing. The direction of the brush when painting – from the roots to the tips.

Situation Win-Win, which always looks impressive, is a lipstick of a slightly darker color than your lips. Make sure to move the contour with a pencil the sexiest part of female faces ever more lush and clean. As for the shine, caution should be exercised here, as the reflection of the camera does not seem very good. In order for the lipstick, she stayed as long as possible, before lightly powdering her lips, and in the end be sure to dry with a napkin.

The final touch for bridal makeup is blush. As in any other case, there should also be a sense of proportion, of not being like the ladies who are a couple of centuries old painted beet cheeks. Without this element it can do, but then your face can be too light, homogeneous, like a mask.

To apply blush correctly, enough to stand in front of the mirror, pulling the lips into a tube, then a special brush several times walk along the cheekbones. So, add the volume, which is so shortly after your foundation, so that the photo will look natural and not flat.
 Bridal makeup your own hands

The nuances base of bridal makeup

If the marriage is planned for the warm season, prepare for the fact that periodically to correct the leakage of ink, since even the most persistent and expensive cosmetics do not withstand exposure to sunlight and sweat. Cream base does not have to be oily, or you are still in time to leave the house as soon as you feel the first signs of embarrassment for your makeup.

Don’t forget to bring a small set, which is sure to be a lipstick, dust and wet wipes. Put the bag in your purse or bridesmaid clutch bag, so that, if necessary, you can quickly refresh your face. If a girl plans after the photo shoot and paint to wash away the daily makeup to apply brighter evening, you need to consider where and how it’s going to do. In this case, she will need a tool to remove makeup, cotton swabs, a small towel during the procedure of not smearing wedding dress.


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