Makeup: the new autumn trends

The main makeup trends that will accompany us this fall 2019. From the base to lipsticks, all the products that cannot miss in the beauty of the new season.

Summer is finding and the veil of blush that we have allowed for the whole season will leave the place to a makeup decidedly more structured and to the new tendencies above all for that it regards products and colors.

We discover all the makeup trends that will accompany us in the fall and the ‘must-have’ products we will fall in love with.

Makeup: all the trends ‘must have’ for the autumn 2019

 Autumn makeup

The autumn makeup 2019 is characterized by two fundamental trends, natural makeup and the impressive make-up with a porcelain effect complexion, typical of the 1980s.

With regard to the most dramatic makeup, go ahead for liquid and very opaque backgrounds, emphasized by the use of opaque powder powders, with smoky eyes and firm-colored lips, from red to dark brick. The contrast of the lips with the complexion will be fundamental.

The eye ​​shadows that should not be missing are those on shades of gray, plum, gold, brick and all the orange tones . For those who love natural-effect makeup a touch of foundation, lips with nude tones and a complexion emphasized by the use of blush and warm-colored earth will be the right choice.

The return to the 80s will allow the youngsters of Osara to have bright colors, also for the eye makeup as well as the lips. The key product of this ‘makeup revival’ is the pearly rossettop present in many collections of the most important brands.



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