Rihanna showing her new trend of white delineation framing the eye

The makeup trends for this summer 2019 are charming and very striking, but we have to talk about the color of the outline that will highlight your eyes: white. This tone is the most notorious and refreshing change we will see during the season.

Some stars like Margot Robie, Bella Hadid and Sophie Turner use it whenever they have a chance, and since then more girls adopted it and said goodbye to the boring color black. Here are some reasons to combine your makeup with a white outline.

1. White is a bright color that stands out

 Rihanna showing her new trend of white delineation framing the eye

Fenty Beauty makeup artist, Pricilla Ono, states that it is a color like any other another, but you must learn to mix it with others:

Remember that it is a bright color, so it really stands out; Sometimes, less is more. Apply a very fine amount to make it look nice and light. Do not use too much because the texture may look strange.

2. Draw lines up and down

 Girl with a white outline on the eyelid and under the lacrimal

If you want to give the impression that your eye is bigger, then draw a line on the upper and lower parts.

3. Mix colors that shine

 Girl with a white outline on their orange shades

Combine the outline with coral or pink shades.

4. Use a single line for a makeup futurist

 Daughter of Will Smith walking the streets while wearing a black suit and makeup with white outline

The lower line you will give a more dramatic and flattering effect. Draw it generously from side to side.

5. Use a natural makeup

 Girl showing her style of white outline

Remember that your white outline is the protagonist, so it is not necessary to saturate the makeup with strong lipsticks, blush or marked eyebrows. Everything natural is better.

6. Frame your eyes

 Janelle Monae showing her makeup but especially her white outline that highlights her features

Forget for a moment the traditional delineation and draw the line just above the eyelid and below the Shadows to enlarge your eyes. You can also use a purple or blue mask to make the tone look more striking.

7. Your skin will look glossy with a white outline

 Girl showing her delineated framing the eyelid of the eye

Using the white eyeliner will not only make your eyes look bigger: it will also give you a fresh and luminous skin.

8. The cateye is the best choice

 Bella Hadid showing her make-up and the white outline created with Dior delineators

A line marked on the lashes should be drawn for that the look stands out, and if you want it to shine more then combine it with a black and white outfit.

9. Use little mascara for eyelashes

 Model showing the new trend of white outline

This will make the eyeliner look much better and make the color of your eyes stand out; remember that white is the protagonist.

10. The white will be the focal point

 Girl showing her white outline on the eyelids

The white delineate combines perfectly with any skin tone, it is only necessary that the line is perfectly symmetrical so that your look looks spectacular.


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