Hands holding metallic shadow palette with black packaing

If you are becoming a master in makeup, you should probably continue reading this. Have you remembered your beginnings with the make up ? Most likely stealing translucent powder from your mom or sharing it with your best friend, but you have improved! And more than you think, because as they say: “The practice makes the teacher.”

Surely you already master the makeup with shadows in natural tones, such as to go to university or work, so you want to unlock the next level and look perfect with those looks that you already saw your friends or to use that palette of metallic shadows that they gave you but that still do not release for fear of being like the Joker, so do not worry and take Note, because these tips will save your life and the best: You will have a thousand ideas to look beautiful!

1. What do metallic shadows do?

 Hands holding metallic shadow palette with black packaing

Basically they have three functions, the first is that compared to matte shadows they last longer so that your looks will have a longer duration, also reflect more light and give more life to your look, and finally give a very sophisticated finish raising the level of your look making it look much more professional.

2. ‘They are too flashy and do not go with me’

 Model with makeup with metallic shades in yellow and dark blue lipstick

It is what most say before starting to use them and it is because They really don’t know what ‘powers’ they have and how it will look like look itself. But there are different ways of looking natural, such as mixing them with matte shadows, or just to illuminate the eyelid or tear, and even on the bottom of the eyelashes and have one of the best effects being a little daring without hardly realizing it.

3. How do I start using them?

Use the right brushes

 Shadow brushes and metallic eyeshadows

There are those who say that it doesn’t matter what type of brushes you use for makeup because it doesn’t affect the result you will have, but it’s the opposite. When we talk about eye shadows, brushes are the basic tools for their application, so take into account the type of hair, tip, length and width of each one, and make sure to use the indicated one.

Take into account the color of your eyes and your skin

 Eyes of different colors

On many occasions we choose the color of the shadows to use depending on our clothes, but there are few who take into account the color of His eyes and his complexion. So you know, take advantage of it by knowing which shades are the ones that have the most contrast with you.

4. What tones to use?

It is surely the most anticipated answer and certainly there are hundreds of options. So we leave you just a few options of what it looks like look :


 Rose gold makeup with metallic shadow

This option you should try it yes or yes, it is one of the most cute there is and you will surely love it, and despite being metallic it is a super good option for a school or work day. So the metallic tone will go throughout the mobile eyelid. It is perfectly worn with a lipstick nude and a high ponytail.

Gold, silver and bronzes

 Metal golden shadow makeup with black eyeliner

The classics of parties and elegant makeup that never go out of style despite the years. It looks great on the entire mobile eyelid, with a black matte eyeliner and a red lipstick or sour tones, which in play with your outfit will surely make you look perfect.

Tornasol and glitter

 Litmus makeup with glitter

It looks and looks perfect in litmus tones, and only the brave dare to use it. The secret is to apply metallic shadow in this shade and then apply the glitter the perfect occasion to use it can be a musical festival.

Greens and blues

 Makeup with shades green and blue with shadow metallic

They are colors for very specific occasions and costumes, so it is recommended to apply these tones on the mobile eyelid and on the external V of the eyelid, matching a lipstick nude because the protagonism is already in the eye, and a discreet and beautiful hairstyle, so that your eyes are the sensation.


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