Warm and cold colors in makeup, how to recognize them

We often hear about warm and cold colors, especially in makeup, although most women find it difficult to distinguish the two types of shades. Let’s discover the main differences and how to recognize them.

The first step to understand the nature of warm and cold colors is to view the color wheel from which all the chromatic nuances are born, the warm ones, the cold ones and also the transitional colors.

In practical order, being able to distinguish the warm tones from the cold ones allows to be able to choose the most suitable colors for one’s own complexion to the color of hair and eyes, both in makeup and in clothing. We discover everything about the various chromatic types and how to recognize and combine them in cosmetics. If you love custom makeup don’t miss Make up: to each eye its eyeshadow.

Warm colors and cool colors, how to recognize them and use them in makeup

" warm and cold colors ? In general red, orange and yellow colors are considered warm colors that recall the nuances of the sun and heat. The cold colors are instead all colors tending to blue, purple, pink and green. All these chromatic varieties, however, also live through intermediate contaminations that give the reds from the cold undertone and the greens from the warm undertone

The fundamental principle for recognizing warm tones and cold tones, especially in makeup, is identifying the percentage of yellow and blue in the colors . For example, brown might be warm, if inside it contains a greater percentage of yellows and reds and even cold if it contains a greater percentage of blues and grays in it.

I warm colors, go well with the Mediterranean incarnates and with yellow undertones. Perfect for example, an orange-red lipstick for a Mediterranean woman with dark hair and eyes. A red lipstick with a sub-blue tone and therefore a cool shade will be perfect for a woman with a light skin.

I warm and cold colors are also essential for corrective makeup. Some warm tones or cold prove to be perfect for the camouflage of defects such as discoloration, dark circles or scars. Even when choosing eye shadows it will be essential to choose the right cold or warm shade to bring out the best color of the iris and complexion.

Let’s discover together some examples of warm and cold shades in makeup!


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