A fulfilling sex life is often a pledge of marital happiness. Beyond creating an atmosphere conducive to well-being, making love can also be a dreaded health habit. And for good reason, the sexual act, practiced regularly will make you enjoy these seven benefits. We tell you more in this point sexo.

1- Relieves Menstrual Cramps

If you suffer from regular menstrual cramps, spend a few minutes under the duvet! According to this study published in the scientific journal PlosOne, looking at a partner in a romantic context would lessen the pain associated with dysmenorrhea.

2- Relieves Stress

During the sexual act, hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin are secreted in the body, considerably reducing stress. According to this study, intercourse can have a direct impact on improving mood.

3- Decreases blood pressure

Hypertenders should welcome this news. According to this study published in the journal Biological Psychology, a frequent sexual activity makes it possible to decrease the arterial pressure in particular in situation of stress. So many convincing reasons not to sulk our partner anymore.

4- To sleep better

According to the findings of this study, sexual intercourse can improve the quality of sleep. Indeed, the secretion of prolactin that occurs during the lovemaking provides a relaxing sensation conducive to falling asleep. So many reasons to go to the conquest of pleasure.

5- A stronger couple

Scientists are formal. Regular sex is recommended to promote the development of the couple. According to these findings published in the journal Psychological Science, couples feel fully satisfied with their relationship 48 hours after their antics. So, lust: an ugly fault?

6- A more beautiful skin

As crazy as it may seem, the quality of your skin could be improved according to the frequency of your antics. According to Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at Cleveland Clinic, this would be due to the stimulation of blood flow during intercourse, promoting better oxygen supply to the skin and therefore, a much brighter complexion!

7- Improves Heart Health

Ceasing the call of flesh may well protect your cardiovascular system. According to this study published in The American Journal of Cardiology, men who report at least twice a week are less at risk of having a heart attack or stroke than their counterparts who have sex once a month. . To avoid spoiling, sexual activity can burn up to 4 calories per minute. Reason enough to linger longer under the sheets.

Warning: physical activity (whether sexual or otherwise) is not recommended without medical consent to people with cardiovascular conditions or who have already suffered from heart problems (heart attack, bypass, heart failure, arrhythmia … etc)



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