Spiritual and rich in meaning, mandala tattoos are a universe of symbols and colors to be discovered.

With their intricate and beautiful lines, mandala designs from the Far East are spreading more and more even here with us. Dedicated books, coloring books but also mandala tattoos. Because if the Buddhists and the Hindus draw their fascinating diagrams with the sand and sweep them away once they are finished, we Westerners want to bring them to us imprinted in the skin!

The origin of mandala tattoos

Mandala designs do not come as tattoos, but as mystical diagrams with a strong spiritual charge. In Buddhist philosophy, for example, the mandala represents individual growth. Designed, woven, or simply visualized mentally, the destiny of mandalas in the cultures that invented them is to be destroyed to represent the ephemeral nature of life.

Over the years, mandalas have emerged from Buddhist temples to capture the aesthetic sensibility of Westerners and from there to tattoos it was a short step, especially since the dot work style developed that, through the use of dots, with no lines or shades, it seems made to transfer the magic and charm of beautiful mandala tattoos to the skin.

The meaning of mandala tattoos

The most common tattoo mandalas are probably those that are inspired by the Buddhist tradition, made of an elaborate set of symbols, figures and objects, while the Hindu ones (which are called yantra ie “instrument”) are more schematic and geometric.

The circle is certainly the most characteristic symbol of the mandalas, which must be circles to represent the cycle of life and rebirth. Even the square is a very widespread figure and, despite its angular shape, it assumes the meaning of spiritual perfection to be achieved through rationality and harmony. The triangle instead represents human nature both male and female.

The mandalas themselves are never in black and white but always colored, because even the colors take on their meaning and function within the diagram. Green, for example, will represent healing, yellow intuition, white and purple spirituality, blue inner peace, orange joy, red strength, black rational mind and pink l ‘love.

The most beautiful areas to do a mandala tattoo

Like all tattoos, even mandala tattoos can be done in every area of ​​the body but, due to their round shape, they could be particularly suitable for larger areas such as the back, the lower back, the chest or the ribs. They like them very much, and they are very particular, the tattoos mandala in the middle of the breast, perhaps too sexy for a symbol so spiritual but certainly very feminine.

Also on the nape, perhaps combined with the tree of life that expands its roots towards the shoulder blades, we can obtain a beautiful mandala tattoo, but in fact the only limit is the imagination because this type of design does not change meaning depending on the area of ​​the body in which we decide to do it.

So a man could prefer the arm or forearm, a girl will choose the thigh (perhaps asking the tattoo artist for a garter-like subject) or the hip, a person particularly close to the family will be able to approach him with a symbolic animal such as the lioness who he protects his children and so on up to the lotus flower, the dream catcher, the butterfly or any other design suggested by the imagination.

Small mandala tattoos

Although we are used to thinking of mandalas as very large drawings, they are certainly not forbidden to lovers of small tattoos. In this case, however, a small warning is a must: such complex drawings on areas of the body that are very exposed, such as the hand or fingers, could, over time, become damaged and give rise to a tattoo with confused lines.

But apart from this problem, which must however be discussed with the tattoo artist, nothing prevents us from adapting these fascinating diagrams rich in spirituality and transforming them, for example, into an anklet, into a bracelet to be worn constantly on the wrist, or in a personal design to be stamped on the foot or behind the ear.


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