Manicure Fashion 2019-2020: photos, news, best ideas and trends.

The fashionable manicure in the 2019-2020 season is represented by a large number of options in different styles, colors, execution techniques for different lengths of nails, short and long, as well as nail shapes: oval, almond shaped and sharpened

Are you fond of an extravagant manicure for sharp nails or, on the contrary, a laconic and refined manicure for short nails, or do you like a bright and striking manicure, and a modern manicure with prints and drawings?

Original and interesting manicure ideas, beautiful novelties in manicure for different lengths and nail shapes, will surely meet in the 2019-2020 fashion season, and the best fashion manicure options are featured in our selection of photos.

When selecting a harmonious manicure for your own image and follow trends and trends in fashion, it is important to remember that the fashion manicure of 2019-2020 is, first of all, simplicity, naturalness and naturalness of the shapes and color tones .

With regard to the length of the nail to create a fashionable manicure, the most popular are short and medium length nails. The shape of the nails in a modern manicure is also very important: choose the oval and almond-shaped shapes of the nail plate to stay in trend in the year 2019-2020.

Also for fashion women who prefer sharp nails in the years 2019-2020, designers offer interesting geometric solutions, playing with shades of color, which allows very unusual and elegant manicure variations in our selection.

It is impossible not to mention the color. A range that is very diverse and equally important to create a lovely manicure for 2019-2020: choose pastel and nude colors, and bright and vivid colors.

The main thing is the harmonious combination and the proper execution of the 2019-2020 manicure in different techniques and variations that must be thought to the smallest detail.

For our inspiration and search for new 2019-2020 manicure ideas in our selection, we compile fashion manicure photos, fashion trends and trends, new nail manicures of different lengths and shapes. Let’s take a closer look at the manicure trends of 2019-2020.

Ideas manicure 2019-2020: trend of fashion “negative space”

Popular manicure among many girls, made in the technique of “negative space”, which is a manicure with a bleached part of the nail.

Very often, this type of fashion manicure is presented in a moon manicure and its various variants, as well as an interesting manicure with geometric patterns, where the shape of a square, oval, can be colorless.

There is also a great idea of a manicure in “negative space” in black and white or in the contrast of colors, which seems quite interesting and unusual, and most importantly, fresh and new.

Fashionable Manicure 2019-2020: French and Moon Manicure

The well-known French and lunar manicures are still relevant and popular in the years 2019-2020, presented by new solutions and original ideas. The French fashion year 2019-2020 is presented with glossy varnishes instead of classic tones, complemented by ribbons, wires and drawings.

The lunar manicure is best done with a transparent hole, complemented with strips of colors, drawings, brightness, dividing the nail into different parts of color. Options to make a lunar manicure 2019-2020, an incredible amount and you can experiment as you want to achieve the desired result.

Original manicure ideas from 2019-2020: the most modern manicure

Another popular type of fashionable manicure of 2019-2020 is the so-called “block manicure”, which consists of dividing the nail into different sectors using lines.

The main characteristic of the fashionable “block of color” of the manicure is the use of different colors, both bright and that you can apply classic and nudist tones.

Fashion Manicure 2019-2020 allows the use of a variety of techniques and styles, such as rubbing.

These techniques allow to achieve a manicure with an imitation of different surfaces: metal, leather, fabric, skin. Such a fashionable 2019-2020 manicure is the most unusual and extravagant of this season.

A beautiful and modern manicure 2019-2020 is presented with options with drawings that can be in the form of stickers, for example, bright fruits and flowers, or a manicure attempt that allows you to create drawings in the open with many curls.

The Ombre manicure or the so-called 2019-2020 gradient manicure does not lose its position this season.

To create a fashionable ombre manicure, select the most unusual colors and use not only the usual horizontal Transition of the color, but also vertical, and diagonally.

Feel free to use several colors of lacquer, and not a direct transition of colors, but a zigzag, which will allow you to create a delicious Ombre 2019-2020 manicure.

Fashion manicure 2019-2020: photos, news, best ideas and fashion trends manicure


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