Massage therapy what is it, what are the benefits and the costs

Massage therapy is a physiotherapy technique that improves biological activities. Let’s see what it is, what the costs and benefits are.

What is massage therapy? This is a rehabilitative and preventive technique, which involves the therapeutic massage of connective tissue and muscles, which is usually performed with the hands.

Massotherapy involves numerous massage techniques (brushing, rubbing, friction, kneading, pressure, percussion and vibration), which are particularly useful in the case of contracted and painful muscles, tendon hardening, psychophysical stress (anxiety, minor depression), cellulite and water retention.

The benefits of massage therapy

The manual massage benefits the connective tissues and the muscles and guarantees a feeling of general well-being, as it improves blood circulation and promotes oxygenation of the cells of the affected tissues, which, in this way, are able to heal faster case of injury. In addition, it stimulates lymphatic drainage, which improves the elimination of waste substances.

Therefore, it can be said that massotherapy for cellulite is a real cure-all, like cavitation and the innovative ultrasound therapy, as it helps to move and dissolve fat deposits, as well as to act on the fluidity of microcirculation. Furthermore, this complex of physiotherapeutic maneuvers also promotes the secretion of endorphins, which have analgesic and exciting properties, and inhibits nerve signals that allow us to perceive pain and muscle-tendon tension.

Here, then, that there is also lumbar massage therapy, which intervenes on the large muscles placed on the sides of the spine, guaranteeing some relief in case of back pain. In the case of muscular tensions or traumas at the neck, however, cervical massage therapy is particularly useful, acting on the soft tissues, implementing a state of general relaxation and a consistent reduction in pain.

Costotherapy massage

The costs for massotherapy are variable. Much depends on the type of massage performed, the technique used, the duration of the session, as well as the physiotherapist who performs it. Prices may also depend on whether it is performed in a private, public or home-based facility.

In general, it is good to remember that we must be wary of massage therapists who offer too low and advantageous rates, because, unless they want to advertise themselves, they could be an indication of scorn or lack of experience, but also of professionals who request for their services overpriced compensation, as it could lead to a big loss of money. The right medium, therefore, is always the best thing, since, in most cases, it indicates a good value for money.


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