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Wondering how to find the right maternal assistant? Here are all our tips

When parents return to work after the birth of the child, it is necessary to find the best way to guarantee the child all the necessary care during their absence. Many people choose a maternal assistant . But how to find the rare pearl that is able to take care of your child perfectly? What are the formalities to plan? What could go wrong? Here is a complete guide

What is a maternal assistant?

The maternal assistant is one of the options for parents of babies or young children who work and want home care for their children instead of taking them to the nest. Although she is often called nanny or baby sitter the maternal assistant is not one of them, since the person who takes care of the child (or children) in her home, so is a person who needs special approval while a nanny keeps the children at the parents’ home and therefore does not need special approval.

Before welcoming a child, the educator must also undergo an 80-hour training session to validate the authorization for reception, then another 40 hours in the two or three years following the beginning of his work.

How to find a maternal assistant?

As with any kind of childcare, making the right choice is essential for the peace of mind of parents and for the development of the child or children. To choose who will take care of your child during the day, there are several possibilities: word of mouth, the web, the town hall of your city, the employment centers.

After selecting the maternal assistants that you believe correspond to what you are looking for, you will need to know them to better evaluate. The ideal is to go to the people you have selected to see the environment in which your child will evolve (environment, cleaning of the premises, equipment …) and to ask for some basic information.

Some good questions to ask yourself when looking for a maternal assistant:

How many children do they care and how old are they (usually one to three children from 0 to 6 years)
What is your experience, why did you choose this job? Do you have children yourself?
What are your availabilities (flexibility, opening hours, holidays and holidays …)?
What are your claims in economic terms (but also of allowances for meals and care for the child in based on age)?
How do you organize your days (manual or educational activities, outdoor trips, television…)
Are trips made by car, public transport or on foot?
How are they prepare meals?
Where do children sleep in the afternoon?
Are there animals in the house?
Does anyone smoke in the house (be it the assistant himself or another member of his family)? During this interview, in addition to the basic questions, he also evaluates your expectations regarding child care (meal times and composition, stimulation and autonomy of the child, trips, what to do when crying, time spent in front of a screen …).

It is important that everyone has all the cards in hand to know if this relationship can work or not.

What formalities does a maternal assistant require?

Since the maternal assistant is your employee, it is mandatory to establish a contract of employment (in duplicate) for every child required to protect. It must contain the clear identification of both parties, the name and age of the minor, the type of employment contract, the start date of hiring, the duration of the trial period, the approval references and the insurance of the employee (car, professional liability), remuneration and other indemnities, the date of payment, the reception and occasional changes, paid holidays, the notice period in case of breach of contract, instructions in case of emergency…
To help you, you can refer to the national collective agreement for maternal assistants of the single employer who proposes a standard model in the appendix.
Also remember to attach any useful document (vaccination record, contact details of the attending physician, list of the persons authorized to take it, emergency contact numbers if the parents cannot be reached …).

The trial period

Pu or ask the maternal assistant to carry out a trial period if you specify it in your employment contract. This period is 2 months if the child is received 4 or more days a week and 3 months if the child is received 1 to 3 days a week.
If you wish to withdraw from the employment contract of the mother’s assistant during the trial period, you will need to give a written notice.

The adaptation period

During this trial period, you can also organize an adaptation period (often over 1 or 2 weeks) so that your son can easily discover this new environment, the maternal assistant and all the changes that derive from this new lifestyle. It also allows you to specify some small things between the parents and the maternal assistant (rituals for the nap, the meals, the material for the child’s purse …).

How to break the contract of his maternal assistant?

The employment contract between the parents and the educator can be broken for various reasons, on the initiative of the parents or the educator.
If the employer (the parents) decides to break the employment contract of the educator who assumes, whatever the reason (displacement, change of place of studies …), must indicate this by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, the date of the first presentation of the letter marks the beginning of the period of notice. Ditto if the maternal assistant decides to resign, he must let him know by registered letter with return receipt to his employer.

Any breach of the contract involves a notice period (specified in the employment contract) and, except in case of resignation, the right to compensation. Also remember to provide the end of contract documents (work certificate, receipt of any account balance) with your maternal assistant.


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