Do the years go by and you don’t know how to enhance the face by hiding wrinkles? Here are the tips to follow for mature skin

Do years go by and fear wrinkles haunt you? Don’t be afraid, you can hide a few too many years with makeup, remember that you are a queen at any age. Mature skin can be enhanced thanks to make-up.

It won’t take you long, just a few simple steps to make it look radiant and even. The ideal makeup for mature skin must be fresh and as light as possible, because too many layers of products or very intense colors can give your face a constructed and unnatural appearance. To avoid mistakes, trust us to take care of your face and enhance the look with make-up for a radiant appearance.

Makeup for mature skin

Make-up makes real and their own magic, we discover how to enhance the face and give it brightness by following these simple tips.

1. Hydration is everything

Sometimes the moisturizer may seem superfluous, in fact it is often underestimated, especially when you are younger. Contrary to what you imagine, you start at a young age at giving your skin the right hydration surely you will have fewer problems with reaching the mature age. When you have to make up your face it is essential to clean the skin and moisturize it to the fullest before starting to apply the base. This is a fundamental step as it prevents the makeup from drying out and weighs on the appearance.

The advice is that if you want to make your skin younger and more radiant, you could use a serum containing hyaluronic acid which gives your skin hydration and prevents wrinkles.

2. The bright pink lipstick makes younger

Although trendy lipsticks are opaque colors it is useful to know that the matte lips weigh down the face, especially if you love nude tones make the paler and less luminous complexion
If we want our lips to appear young and fresh the right lipstick is the pink shade with a shiny effect.

3. The liquid concealer is the best ally for mature skin

The concealer is the best ally, as it hides the dark circles and there makes you look less tired and also brightens the eye. It is important to choose the right consistency otherwise you are wrong. The concealers in cream are more difficult to spread and consequently they risk drying out and highlighting bags and wrinkles around the eyes. Prefer the liquid ones as they hydrate and apply easily. On the market there are foundations with hyaluronic acid, active illuminants and with sunscreens that protect the skin from photo-aging.

4. Primer always before eyeshadow

When the thinnest wrinkles on the eyelid become more visible, the eyeshadow magically finds a way to settle in, so every single sign is underlined. If you use a good primer for eye shadows, it will be of great help, especially in this case, if you want a longer lasting effect, you can opt for a cream eye shadow

5. Illuminate the face

The good news is that over the years the face loses weight, then bye bye to the days when the cheekbones were sculpted to the sound of contouring. The valid alternative is the wow effect of the illuminant, that you can apply it: on the cheekbones, on the arch of the eyebrows and in the inner corner of the eyes, in this way you will have a smooth and luminous face without counting that a little sparkle is perfect at any age.

6. Eyebrows: prediligete wild

Le full eyebrows are a sign of youth so don’t shave them too much making them too thin. It is important to remember that over time, our eyebrows become increasingly asymmetrical. Some women, even the mature ones tend to correct the asymmetry by tattooing their eyebrows, but this is not always a perfect choice, because the eyebrows seem more artificial.

7. Eyelashes always in fold

The eyelashes with the passing of the years lose momentum and become increasingly straight but you can work around with the eyelash curler. But don’t use them often otherwise you risk weakening your eyelashes further, if you like a lasting effect, do this test, slightly warm up the eyelash curler, holding it inside the bra and pull it out when it’s time to use it.

8. Tip to the length

Not only do eyelashes become more straight, but thinner, so you can use volumizing mascara, but this is not the best choice.

Not all eyelashes are able to support the weight of the mascara, therefore the eyelashes are lowered, losing all the curvature. Choose a mascara that highlights the length of your eyelashes and nourish it with castor oil.


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