Long regarded as unhealthy, fantasies are all that is most natural. Generally, a sexual fantasy is a story in which the fantasizing person plays the lead role; these stories are extraordinarily varied. Thus, we think that fantasies are inspired by the experiences lived by each one. It can include short stories such as watching someone have sex or imagining someone watching us. Moreover, these erotic reveries have names, so-called voyeuristic or exhibitionist fantasies.

Also, there can be very complex scenarios centered on certain emblematic figures: the teacher, the nurse , the cleaning lady or the mother of the best friend. These are all individuals who appear in everyday life and can become the subject of sexual fantasies. Sexual fantasies can occur at any time, but they are deliberately evoked in certain situations. So from dominance to disguises to triolism, here are the top 8 most common male sexual fantasies.

The Top 8 Male Sexual Fantasies

1) Take the Initiative

 8 Things That men prefer during love

Receiving pleasure is as exciting as giving it. Many men like to let women take the reins when it comes to sexual arousal. These gentlemen love when a woman knows what she wants and what she likes. So, at times, they just prefer to sit down, relax and experience a nice endorphin spurt. Indeed, for a man “Feeling pursued can be a very sexy change, but also a huge boost for the ego. Laura Berman, Sexual Expert and Author of the Book Loving Sex: The Book of Joy and Passion

2) Oral Sex

 8 Things Men Prefer During Love

Giving pleasure to one’s partner through oral sex may be perceived as a chore for many women. Nevertheless, know that men fantasize enormously about fellatio and cunnilingus. Indeed, Peter Scwartz, professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle and co-author of the book The Normal Bar “The Surprising Secrets of Happy”, ensures that it is the most common sexual fantasy among men

3) The triolism

 8 things men prefer during love

“What’s better than a woman? “Two! You would answer a man. It’s a hard job to please two women simultaneously, yet most men feel that they can … at least in their fantasies.

4) Anal sex

 8 things men prefer during love

Peter Schwartz discovered during his research that many men fantasize about having anal sex with a partner who does not usually do it. In fact, men fantasize a lot about what they have trouble having.

5) Levoyeurisme

 8 things that men prefer during love

Voyeurism is part of male fantasies the most common. Watch their partner take pleasure with someone else, gaze at her as she touches herself to orgasm or watch strangers during their sexual encounters. Dr. Berman explains that this is because modern sexual fantasies are very often inspired by pornographic culture.

6) Submission

 8 Things Men Prefer During Love

Lots Men like to be dominated in bed. Dr. Berman explains that “many men like to be submissive. Even if it goes against the way they live their lives outside the room, “then ladies, take note. These gentlemen love to be tied up, tempted and spanked and enjoy giving you control of the situation.

7) Sex in Public Places

 8 Things Men Prefer During Love

For many men, there is something exciting about being caught making love in public. According to Dr. Berman: “The idea of ​​exhibitionism, the taboo of getting caught, seeing or hearing adds to the sexual arousal.

8) The pleasure / pain mix

 8 things men prefer during love

A sex game that has become ultra glamorous since Christian Gray held his first crop in his hands Pleasure / pain mix is ​​a common fantasy among many men. Thus, these types of fantasies may include slavery, spanking, raw words and other forms of expression.


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