mixed skin: how to treat it

Mixed leather is one of the most widespread and yet it always raises doubts about how to treat it. The right advice for a perfect beauty routine from cleansing to treatment

There are many women who have mixed skin, an epidermis that has different characteristics, sometimes opposite, in different parts of the face. Usually you can submit one dry area and the other fat and for this reason many doubts arise on how to treat it.

Mixed skin: how to cure it by cleansing the treatment cream

 Pre-treating lotion, an absolute novelty in the beauty routine

Do you have the mixed skin that presents a fat ‘T’ Zone hit by blackheads and the rest of the face with skin tending to dry ? Don’t worry, here are all the tips to treat it the right way. For cleansing, go ahead with very delicate weekly scrubs but eliminate the layer of dead cells. Every day, you can choose a non-foaming detergent to be applied to the entire face followed by a rebalancing tonic.

If you do not want to choose two different treatments, there are different products available on the market that are suitable for combination skin, products that have the objective of moisturizing and softening the skin in a delicate way. These products have mostly light textures, fresh and easily absorbed, but if you feel the need for particular hydration in the parts of the face that appear more dry you can apply a more full-bodied cream only at those points.

Another weekly step, treatment mask which must be purifying, in the T more oily and moisturizing area in the rest of the face. In this way it will be possible to specifically treat the fat zone with a clay base mask while the rest of the face with a emollient and moisturizing mask. The skin will respond to these treatments in the best way, having received everything it needs.


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